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Monday, May 25, 2015

Rat Queens, Vol. 1

Bad: The plot was detailed and consistent, but not that engaging. Also a little too much "feminism," ie, nihilistic sex and drugs, impiety, and a token lesbian. I didn't mind the grrl power as such, since it makes sense in the satirical fantasy world.

The story works well with the female protagonists.

Good: The art was good and the characters in particular were detailed. The dialogue and style were good. It was somewhat funny, although the humor was of the Gen X snark variety. The jokes were a little worn. The paneling was above average. The story moved quickly, yet with plenty of detail and no confusing bits. The art definitely contributed to the flow of the story.

I'm ranking this above Ms. Marvel. Although I can't say Rat Queens is definitely "Hugo-worthy," it has artistic merit in art and storytelling and good production values. Ms. Marvel is regurgitated dreck with liberal messages and good production values.

Ms. Marvel Vol I, 2014

I'm going to briefly summarize my thoughts on some of the Hugo nominees for 2014. (Voting takes place in 2015). No one reads this blog, so I won't go into too much detail.

I just finished reading the new Ms. Marvel Volume 1. It was all right. The art was good, the story was cliche'd but well executed. So were the characters. The paneling was mediocre, but compared to the other American comics I've read, it was fine. It was essentially transparent and didn't get in the way of the story, but didn't contribute anything either.

It's very rare that you see elaborate comic paneling that actually adds to the art, so maybe the simplicity is a good thing.

The only real issue with the story is that the "filler," the non-super-heroine elements, were 100% PC message fiction. Be yourself. Being someone you're not is hard work. Muslims are good people, unless they're too devout. A Muslim girl sniffing bacon in a deli is A-OK. Young people need to struggle to find their own way in life. Kids drinking vodka at a party is fine, but pranking each other is not. Don't try to control your children, or keep them from harm, because you'll suffocate them and possibly cause their supervillain nemesis to gain the upper hand. Skinny blondes are popular and bitchy, but stereotyping brown people is wrong.

Overall it wasn't bad, but I have no desire to read the next issue because, at the end of the day, the story is pointless and boring. The characters are boring. I read at least 50 different manga and manhua last year that were better, and could have qualified for the Hugo.