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Thursday, May 02, 2013

Unification Through Deregulation

It occurs to me that as countries deregulate, their economic and political systems become more similar to each other. Thus, the goal of unified world government could be achieved more effectively by libertarianism than by the brutal authoritarianism that the UN hopes to impose one day.

In the real world, a society is more than the sum of its government regulations. It is composed of history, culture, shared values, countercurrents of these, civil institutions, fashion trends, accidents, and sunk costs. So even two identical governments could rule completely different countries. Whereas Iceland was a functioning anarchy for centuries, and the USA was once populated by free people who governed themselves, other cultures with a less evolved zeitgeist plunge into barbarism when you take the boots off their necks.

Power structures form in a vacuum, and expand until they can expand no further; gradually, they can become less centralized. This is the typical progression from chaos, to tribalism, to Monarchy, to aristocracy, to democracy, and thence to anarchy.

Sadly, the evolution of society is not an inevitable progression of the historical dialectic, as some idiots would like to believe.


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