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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Can it be called Dialogue?

Socrates: that's how I got my job
Socrates: I had to charm them for a couple hours
Socrates: they said I was a great presenter
Marie Antoinette: Oh. You mean.. like when I smile too much, act polite and sweet?
Socrates: sort of
Marie Antoinette: What do you do?
Socrates: well, first of all I have to carry on a normal conversation
Socrates: which I don't usually do
Socrates: make eye contact, smile, mirror the other person's body language and react approvingly to what they say
Socrates: pretend to be interested
Socrates: figure out what they want to hear and say it
Marie Antoinette: Like a dating sim.
Socrates: pretend to be whatever they think I should be
Socrates: yeah
Socrates: I mean, I'm a genius and they should let me run the company
Socrates: but the fact is humans perceive things through the filter of their own preconceptions
Marie Antoinette: mm.
Socrates: so I can't be honest or they will take reality and twist it around
Socrates: I have to give them something they can comprehend, and make it positive

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Belly of the Beast

As government bureaucracy expands, more drones are hired. They inevitably vote for increased government bureaucracy.

Can you blame the peasants for blindly following their own self interest? It's apparent that most people are simply too stupid to know right from wrong in abstract contexts. The slight nagging they may feel is overwhelmed by the high pay, benefits, job security, and propaganda.

Those who knowingly feed the beast are the root of the problem.