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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Can it be called Dialogue?

Socrates: that's how I got my job
Socrates: I had to charm them for a couple hours
Socrates: they said I was a great presenter
Marie Antoinette: Oh. You mean.. like when I smile too much, act polite and sweet?
Socrates: sort of
Marie Antoinette: What do you do?
Socrates: well, first of all I have to carry on a normal conversation
Socrates: which I don't usually do
Socrates: make eye contact, smile, mirror the other person's body language and react approvingly to what they say
Socrates: pretend to be interested
Socrates: figure out what they want to hear and say it
Marie Antoinette: Like a dating sim.
Socrates: pretend to be whatever they think I should be
Socrates: yeah
Socrates: I mean, I'm a genius and they should let me run the company
Socrates: but the fact is humans perceive things through the filter of their own preconceptions
Marie Antoinette: mm.
Socrates: so I can't be honest or they will take reality and twist it around
Socrates: I have to give them something they can comprehend, and make it positive


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