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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Right Wing Critique of the Week - My Little Bride

My Little Bride is a highly rated Korean movie which is available to pirate with English subtitles.

It's a romantic comedy about a 24ish guy who marries a 16 year old because of their grandparents' wishes. The key thing to remember is that Korean romantic comedies, unlike American romantic comedies, are funny and romantic. They don't make you want to kill Julia Roberts and then yourself.

Obviously the first theme is the dissonance between modern society and the older culture, which included arranged marriages for adolescents. But that's really just used to set up the situation. There's less comedy and more romanticism than I would have expected based on the premise, but it's all good. I enjoyed the whole thing. Actually, it had better characterization than most movies I've seen, and the plot was good. It wasn't particularly complex. Episodic, almost. But the running time was 115 minutes and none of it was wasted.

Toward the end there are more school scenes and after the Assembly scene at the end, I wondered: This movie has elements of wish fulfillment, but are they directed at 16 year old girls who want to marry 20-something guys as well as the more-obvious vice-versa? What does it say about our culture that those desires are both acknowledged but not accepted?

I'm not sure how a Korean sees it. The age difference is frowned upon somewhat, but there were no angry posses of villagers like I've had to face in the US.

I recommend the movie. 8/10 stars. The main drawback is it's not very exciting.


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