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Monday, July 05, 2010

Laid Off

After being an unemployed engineer for nearly 2 years, it was somewhat of a relief to be an employed manual laborer for 8 dollars an hour. But all good things must end, particularly when Democrats control the senate, and so I was laid off. Over half of the company's monthly expenses are taxes, or so I guesstimate.

So I got 3.5 months of work in, and, by wearing Goodwill jeans and eating peanut butter sandwiches every day, I was able to save up some money. Unfortunately this money doesn't really exist; my roommate owes it to me and he hasn't been paid since April. He's in the military; he just hasn't been paid. They may never pay him. In fact they're trying to find an excuse to kick him out so they don't have to pay the medical bills for the health problems he's developed in the military.

I wouldn't mind, although if I'm eligible for unemployment I still won't be able to pay the rent; it's just that I haven't seen my fiancee in 15 months and I'd rather marry her than not.

The sub-moral of the story is that the world is evil. If not for specific malicious actions on the parts of others, I would be in my 3-bedroom home with my wife right now, not slowly starving to death so I can use an absent relative's computer to apply for job # 400.

The moral is to avoid lashing out at other people, even if it seems like a good idea for a moment. At some point violent revolution, vendetta or war becomes necessary, but how to be sure that your personal desire for revenge isn't clouding your judgment?


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