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Monday, February 16, 2009

It kinda goes without saying,

but I'll never buy another American vehicle. I've had 2 Fords, a Mercury (Ford), an Oldsmobile and a Chevy so far... but since they've decided to ask for tax money rather than go bankrupt, my next car will be a Toyota.

Taking welfare? Fine. Fraudulently receiving welfare? Robbing the Treasury at gunpoint? Fine.

Voting for welfare? No.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

To be expected

Although my tax return implied that I would be getting an extra $300- you know, for the stimulus check I didn't get last year- I just got the deposit and it didn't include that. Oh well. I guess they denied it because I was supposed to get it last year. Including the return, I have enough for my student loan payment for this month.

I think I'll go apply for food stamps Tuesday.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Still unemployed

I just typed my situation into Google and it came up with sites telling me how to kill myself. Thanks, guys. Well, there's one thing that I would like to say to all the fifteen year olds talking about suicide on livejournal...

Life doesn't get better. Your misery is a subjective experience that comes from your beliefs about the world, not from the objective experience of the world itself. Frankly, I don't think life is worth living either, but somebody has to pay taxes to support wars and welfare queens and the restriction of our various liberties.

Not that I pay taxes. I figure if I ever find a job I can make up to 70K before I run out of ways to evade.

But yeah, I got a degree in engineering last May. Had some cash saved up from my National Guard days, so I came to Houston, where people won't stop to let you cross the road. I prefer the combination of indifference, recklessness, and genuine friendliness of Texas to the culture or lack thereof elsewhere. Plus there's no state income tax, although the state is ranked poorly in business taxation.

So I've been reading, applying to jobs, and planning for the future, but I never got depressed about it all until a day or two ago. I think I've applied to every engineering job in Houston at least once, as well as a couple of drafting/admin etc. jobs. I've made this sign that I'm going to sit outside with. Also my resume and portfolio such as it is. Trying to decide between Greenway Plaza 24 and Sugarland for my first day.

I guess I'm depressed because my current assets are less than my current liabilities now. I can slide by with my financing genius for another few months, but it's time to seriously consider selling my car. The only good car I've ever owned. With my custom stereo painstakingly wired together by me. The 12" subs and crunch amp that have followed me through thrown rods, stripped gears and TSA searches. This is the third car they've been installed in, you see. I haven't decided how to fasten them down yet... Velcro(TM) would be good, but taking them out of the tubes and putting them in the rear deck would save space.

I guess the moral of the story so far is that I have an 05 Impala for sale in Houston.

Now, I can only blame myself for not applying to more jobs. 145 in 7 months is less than one per day on average. And anyway, I could start my own business. I could program iPhone apps. I could use my vast entrepreneurial knowledge to contribute to the economic recovery, instead of passively waiting for a bite. But the fastest route to billions would have been HVAC designer.

I'll fry me some cheeseburgers. That should... do it.

The one bright spot in all this is that my fiancee lives in Alaska and my being a bum is irrelevant. Course it also means I can't marry her or see her until I find a job. Well, she says she won't leave me. If an asteroid hits DC, then we should have an economic recovery within a year and all will be well.

Is that really my plan? Hit DC with an asteroid? (bitterly) Imagine all the jobs created by the reconstruction projects.

No one's been interested in my abstract and acerbic rants on philosophy, but whining is really popular. Maybe I'll make Instapundit.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Crazy people

"But if I want to be honest with myself, I can remember plenty of times when I felt uncomfortable. And many of the earlier ones involved eating alone in the dining hall. I didn't eat by myself often, and when I did, it was usually a simple matter of conflicting schedules with my friends. But my unease sprang from my inability to convey that to the strangers around me. Honest, I'm not a loner. I had to learn to deal with the discomfort." - Neil Swidey

Is this... normal? usual? It's possible most people do eat lunch with friends or coworkers on a regular basis, but ehhhh????

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Time to bend over and receive a Stimulus

The peer pressure will be too much. This monstrosity was doomed to pass from the beginning, but I was hoping it would bog down congress for a while.

I just don't see them resisting the peer pressure much longer. The GOP has already been reduced to making their own ironically bad suggestions to amend the bill. Increasing the tax credit for buying a home? Really? Because a surge in real estate prices has never caused us problems before, has it? *looks around at global financial apocalypse* Oh yeah, huh.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

They live in their own perceptual bubbles.

As always, Andrew Sullivan links to outrageous BS.

"But there is a strong possibility now that we have seen our way through the worst of this situation and that Iraq may have a more peaceful, less tyrannical future. It also should mean that we can bring home our troops more quickly--maybe even in the next 16 months." - Joe Klein

The worst of this situation passed a year and a half ago. The current plan is to bring our troops home within 16 months (though that actually means leaving most of them there, since Obama has no exit plan). Exactly what the**** is Klein smoking? He's caught in his own narrative, as are most humans.

"b) The Obama stimulus bill gives the most money to the growing parts of the economy—health care and education.

If you guessed (b), give yourself a pat on the back. Despite all the talk of big infrastructure projects, the majority of increased spending in the bill goes to health and education. And that's a good thing." - Michael Mandel

Leaving aside the complete and utter ignorance of economics, which seems to be prevalent among the media, politicians and Keynesians, the only reason those sectors are growing is because they are already the recipients of government subsidies - paid for with taxes on the construction and manufacturing sectors. The rest of his argument is equally specious; you can't outsource construction, though you can travel overseas for education and healthcare, or have them delivered via UPS, youtube or telerobotics as the case may be.

That's a good thing? All of the subsidies are misguided, but you just spit in the eyes of the manufacturing sector. Let's see the Web 2.0 companies take off without computers or offices. Let's see a renaissance of high-quality local clinics without affordable cat scanners. Let's see doctors perform chemotherapy without nuclear material processing plants out there in the flyover states. As a matter of fact, without Boeing they would be walk-through states. You realize that- nevermind.