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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Palin Protagonist Meets Alaskan Justice

Palin's Daughter's Baby's Daddy's Mother got a plea deal.

She sold a small quantity of prescription painkillers to entrapp undercover agents, so they charged her with 6 felonies. They dropped 5 and gave her 3 years out of a minimum 5... she'll do 2 with good behavior and can probably do those on ankle monitor (at home, not actually in jail) since she's a woman.

Question: Why would they drop 5 felonies? Why not just convict her of all 6? Or if the state doesn't want to give her 6 felonies, why charge her with them? Well, first, trials are expensive. Less than 10% of cases go to trial. I just made that statistic up; I think it's much lower.

Second, it's game theory. Faced with 30 years in prison, anyone would take 2. Doesn't matter how innocent you are. Particularly if you can't afford 30,000$ for a private lawyer. If they only charged people with crimes that they might be guilty of, the plea deals would be much lower.

Of course, the 4 years of probation will ensure that whatsername spends the next decade in and out of jail for traffic tickets and recidivism.

Legalize Vice Now.


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