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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Still unemployed

I just typed my situation into Google and it came up with sites telling me how to kill myself. Thanks, guys. Well, there's one thing that I would like to say to all the fifteen year olds talking about suicide on livejournal...

Life doesn't get better. Your misery is a subjective experience that comes from your beliefs about the world, not from the objective experience of the world itself. Frankly, I don't think life is worth living either, but somebody has to pay taxes to support wars and welfare queens and the restriction of our various liberties.

Not that I pay taxes. I figure if I ever find a job I can make up to 70K before I run out of ways to evade.

But yeah, I got a degree in engineering last May. Had some cash saved up from my National Guard days, so I came to Houston, where people won't stop to let you cross the road. I prefer the combination of indifference, recklessness, and genuine friendliness of Texas to the culture or lack thereof elsewhere. Plus there's no state income tax, although the state is ranked poorly in business taxation.

So I've been reading, applying to jobs, and planning for the future, but I never got depressed about it all until a day or two ago. I think I've applied to every engineering job in Houston at least once, as well as a couple of drafting/admin etc. jobs. I've made this sign that I'm going to sit outside with. Also my resume and portfolio such as it is. Trying to decide between Greenway Plaza 24 and Sugarland for my first day.

I guess I'm depressed because my current assets are less than my current liabilities now. I can slide by with my financing genius for another few months, but it's time to seriously consider selling my car. The only good car I've ever owned. With my custom stereo painstakingly wired together by me. The 12" subs and crunch amp that have followed me through thrown rods, stripped gears and TSA searches. This is the third car they've been installed in, you see. I haven't decided how to fasten them down yet... Velcro(TM) would be good, but taking them out of the tubes and putting them in the rear deck would save space.

I guess the moral of the story so far is that I have an 05 Impala for sale in Houston.

Now, I can only blame myself for not applying to more jobs. 145 in 7 months is less than one per day on average. And anyway, I could start my own business. I could program iPhone apps. I could use my vast entrepreneurial knowledge to contribute to the economic recovery, instead of passively waiting for a bite. But the fastest route to billions would have been HVAC designer.

I'll fry me some cheeseburgers. That should... do it.

The one bright spot in all this is that my fiancee lives in Alaska and my being a bum is irrelevant. Course it also means I can't marry her or see her until I find a job. Well, she says she won't leave me. If an asteroid hits DC, then we should have an economic recovery within a year and all will be well.

Is that really my plan? Hit DC with an asteroid? (bitterly) Imagine all the jobs created by the reconstruction projects.

No one's been interested in my abstract and acerbic rants on philosophy, but whining is really popular. Maybe I'll make Instapundit.


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