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Friday, August 29, 2008


You might've noticed I don't comment on the political issue of the day that often. Frankly, spending a thousand words to add to the babbling horde of talking points regurgitators is not my strong point. I do, however, follow all the overwrought argumentation closely.

Palin makes me want to vote for McCain. I was thinking about doing it anyway, but I'm not even registered in Houston yet. It wasn't like I particularly cared about the election, even though McCain would delay the end of the American Empire by a few years (three).

But Palin. She could be president after McCain is incapacitated by a stroke in 2011! She's a real person. Alaska is too rural for my taste, but Anchorage is one of the few cities that doesn't grate on my nerves with crowds of effete fools. You can get reindeer sausage on a bun there! Better than pork. You can walk down the street without getting arrested! (I'm looking at you, Stockton.) You can buy a Wii right off the shelf. The age of consent is 16. Oil flows like water, and salmon jump right onto your plate. The sun doesn't set in the summer, so you can barbecue at 2 AM!

Anyway, if Palin can make me want to vote, McCain must've made the right choice.

What strikes me about the coverage so far is that the Democrats don't have a consistent set of lies narrative so far. It's more schizophrenic than usual. The inexperience thing is laughable and bound to backfire. I hope the pundits can agree on what Palin's selection means before the RNC starts.

Update: When I need more evidence of schizophrenia, I always go to Andrew Sullivan. He's entertaining and has a weird sort of logic that's sound but based on bizarre postulates. Anyway, he's been posting all day about how horrible the Palin selection is. Money Quote: "He [McCain] really seems to think that Palin is as qualified as Obama to be president." Uh? She's not? I honestly don't understand how Obama is more qualified. She can catch up on a bunch of superficial talking points and be just as aware of national issues as Obama within a week. With respect to other types of experience, I find her in the lead. I don't see how Andrew sees such a gulf that he can make that statement. Well, he sometimes constructs these narratives in his mind and runs away with them. He'll probably be more moderate in a few days.

Update 2: It just struck me, reading how Sullivan talks about how Biden is a more "serious" pick for VP. He actually has respect for politicians. He thinks that some of them have the slightest idea what the f*** is going on. He doesn't believe that they're all talented liars, elected by a horde of sheeple with IQs between 100 and 120, who are leading the country along its path to inevitable destruction with their compleat lack of understanding of logic, math, economics, science, technology, game theory, ethics, history, etc, etc. He thinks that Biden, Obama, or some other politician could *actually* examine problems and solve them to improve the country.

I don't.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Let's hop on this bandwagon. By bandwagon, I mean lone crank who will be ostracized by people who benefit from our cockeyed marriage regulations.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Quote for the Day (Descent into mediocrity)

The main motive for the development of the doctrines of polylogism, historicism, and irrationalism was to provide a justification for disregarding the teachings of economics in the determination of economic policies. The socialists, racists, nationalists, and statists failed in their endeavors to refute the theories of the economists and to demonstrate the correctness of their own spurious doctrines. It was precisely this frustration that prompted them to negate the logical and epistemological principles upon which all human reasoning both in mundane activities and in scientific research is founded. - Ludwig Von Mises

Friday, August 22, 2008

I need a job.

Anyone not hiring should not read this post.

I'm an entry level mechanical engineer seeking a job in Houston or Anchorage. My EIT certificate should be in the mail. It has been my dream since childhood (a year ago) to work for a MEP design company. I'd also do artificial intelligence, robotics (which I have experience building and programming), or design-build or perhaps something in the energy industry. At this point, I'd cheerfully make aerospace parts, boring and existentially useless though that may be.

I have an IQ high enough that it hasn't been measured, and I achieved enlightenment last year. My skills include, in a format totally inappropriate for any other venue of job-seeking,
*Assorted mathematics programs
*Programming Common Lisp, C++, Java, Javascript, XHTML & CSS, a few proprietary robotics languages, qbasic, DOS batch, etc.
*Artificial intelligence algorithms, particularly genetic algorithms
*MS Access
*MS Quickbooks
*Double entry bookkeeping
*the Critical Path Method
*lean thinking
*painstakingly decoding Japanese
*oral and written communication skills better than yours
*National Guard Petroleum Supply Specialist (until next month)
*Auto repair and stereo installation
*1100 chess rating
*assorted practical martial arts
*lifting heavy objects
*dogs love me

I've made ROVs, hovercraft, cartesian robot workspaces, wireframe polyhedrons and biological experimental apparati, genetic algorithms to automatically specify Rankine cycles and reheat stages for thorium salt reactors, GAs to evolve other GAs, Critical Path charts, BOMs, functional decompositions, CFD algorithms, web sites and a remix of Ice Ice baby.

My hobbies include reading the autobiographies of entrepreneurs and tycoons, rapping, writing fiction, manga-style drawing, enlightenment philosophy, and acquiring new skills only to abandon them as my interest flags. I'm a hard worker, but I follow lean principles. Ever noticed how people latch onto an idea and want to pursue it because it "needs to be done," regardless of the fact that limited resources must be allocated wisely? I don't do that. Zengineering.

For what it's worth, I'm better at everything than 99% of my graduating class.

My email address is maniac[deletethis part]provost[at]gmail[dot]com. Normally I'd use a more professional one, but let's maintain a pretense of anonymity.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Besides philosophical contemplation and political analysis, I also spit hardcore gangsta rap. Here's one I finished today after many technical difficulties.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008


"Obama will work to overturn the Supreme Court's recent ruling that curtails racial minorities' and women's ability to challenge pay discrimination." - http://www.barackobama.com/issues/civilrights/

I had to read that several times. He will what? He will try to change the interpretation of the law? He won't sign a bill, or propose an amendment to the constitution. He will try to overturn the ruling, presumably by packing the supreme court. Incredible.

Weighing the options

If McCain wins in November, it'll be hilarious until about mid-February. If Obama wins, it'll be funny for four years.

On the other hand, McCain will delay the collapse of the USA by two or three years. Depending on how long I live, that could be vital.

So the question is, do I vote for Barr or stay home?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Everything seemingly is spinning out of control

There's an aesthetic beauty in this, much like a game of Go played by inebriated monkeys.

*Endless, 1984esque war and threats of imminent economic collapse.

*Russia declares "peacekeepers" will stay in the provinces it reconquered this weekend.

*Nancy Pelosi says, "You don’t just roll your tanks and airplanes into another country and expect people to sit back and say, ‘that’s okay’."

*China digitally remasters the olympics, makes some cute kid lip sync for some [less cute] kid, and explains thus: "The audience will understand that it's in the national interest." CNN's coverage of the story used the cute kid for its picture, thus making the identical editorial decision as the Chicoms.

That last one pushes the week's events into farce.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Pure Genius, as always.

Paris Hilton is one of the most brilliant minds in the mass culture, and this video is no exception.

I figured I'd explain it for old people and normies.

1) Makes fun of McCain, actually funny, unlike humor produced by political commentators.

2) Gins up more press coverage for Paris's hype-driven empire.

3) Supports the Republican plan in a way that makes it seem a compromise and appeals to the congenitally retarded youth that support Obama. Most of them will forget to vote anyway, but every little bit counts.

4) I would honestly support Paris Hilton for president, but she's too young.

Anarchist discusses the prevention of war in a stateless society.

I don't usually link to philosophical meanderings, because they're of little immediate import. As a flaming capitalist, I doubt that we can predict the future more than one step ahead. That's the whole purpose of capitalism: the greedy migration of hordes of ignorant chattel produces better results than the rule of a philosopher-king like myself. We may find that rule by ruthless syndicates is the best way.

The link is interesting, though. How to shift the perception of risk and reward away from violence and toward peaceful production? That's the underlying question that must be answered by all anarchist theory. One way is to increase the ability to accurately perceive risk and reward. The other way is to alter the risk and reward quantities.

My main concern with Molyneux's analysis is that a stateless society is not a concrete unit. Germany doesn't have too invade, conquer, and repress the hypothetical statelss France all at once. It can take a mile or two of border, extend its existing power structure, and gradually swallow the country. What would be the response? I tend to think in terms of a near-future, immature anarchy, say, two hundred years from now. Some people might decide that Germany is now open for counterattack via a wave of profitable crime. Most would shrug and ignore the repression. The defense organizations might launch fearsome retaliation or try to cover up the incidents at first.

One thing to point out is that an anarchy would be just as capable of supporting a massive standing army as a nation-state. It would just be less likely to do so.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Of course

you shouldn't buy said DVDs. You should pirate them online. One might ask where the pirated versions would come from if there were no DVDs, but that would be unanswerable.