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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

In your face, Red State.

I'm going to take this opportunity to make fun of Red State one last time.

"I'm also aware that a fair number of people are going to take this opportunity to attempt to savagely mock my side of the political spectrum in general and this site in particular (and a few may even spare a mock or two for myself),"

because you're the dumbest contributor to the site, and possibly the internet. I wouldn't even call the other posters there "dumb," usually.

"all of which is going to be an active annoyance for the next week or so, and a low-grade one for somewhat longer. We'll also have to listen to the inevitable you-should-do-it-my-way people,"

You mean the people who wanted to nominate someone decent? Like Romney, Giuliani, or even (pragmatically, though I can't stand him) Huckabee? Hell Ron Paul might've had a fighting chance given that he predicted the current economic crisis and had the solution to it a year ago.

"[A]ll the folks who told us McCain was the man, from Christopher Buckley to New Hampshire's primary voters, had no difficulty abandoning him for Obama." - Mark Steyn. (lifted from VP)

"although that's actually fairly typical in the internet anyway. All in all, this is why people avoid defeats; they're pains in the fundament."

No, people avoid defeat because, by definition, it's something you avoid. We want to enact certain government policies, and it doesn't matter who complains later.

"And that's pretty much it. Heck, I'm not even numb. Believe me, I'm surprised by this, too."

Surprised? Really? You thought McCain was going to win? Delusions. Red Staters told me they didn't want my vote, and ya know, I didn't vote. In your faces.

"Moe Lane"

As always. Here's a good time to reiterate a statistical theorem I developed:

Assumption 1) There are X% of voters who are, colloquially, morons.

Assumption 2) Those voters have no way of determining which candidate is better.

Conclusion 1) Those voters will be split evenly between the two candidates.

Conclusion 2) There are an equal number of morons in each party.

Applying that theorem to Moe Lane is an exercise left to the reader. If he notices this, which I doubt, he may wonder why I hate him so much, when people like Andrew Sullivan are less honest and more weak-minded and selfish.


Blogger streiff said...

"he may wonder why I hate him so much"

Actually he wonders who you are and why he should be concerned about what the proprietor of a piss ant blog like this thinks.

6:28 AM  
Blogger ManiaC Provost said...

He shouldn't care, but he does. *shrug*

1:08 PM  

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