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Monday, August 11, 2008

Anarchist discusses the prevention of war in a stateless society.

I don't usually link to philosophical meanderings, because they're of little immediate import. As a flaming capitalist, I doubt that we can predict the future more than one step ahead. That's the whole purpose of capitalism: the greedy migration of hordes of ignorant chattel produces better results than the rule of a philosopher-king like myself. We may find that rule by ruthless syndicates is the best way.

The link is interesting, though. How to shift the perception of risk and reward away from violence and toward peaceful production? That's the underlying question that must be answered by all anarchist theory. One way is to increase the ability to accurately perceive risk and reward. The other way is to alter the risk and reward quantities.

My main concern with Molyneux's analysis is that a stateless society is not a concrete unit. Germany doesn't have too invade, conquer, and repress the hypothetical statelss France all at once. It can take a mile or two of border, extend its existing power structure, and gradually swallow the country. What would be the response? I tend to think in terms of a near-future, immature anarchy, say, two hundred years from now. Some people might decide that Germany is now open for counterattack via a wave of profitable crime. Most would shrug and ignore the repression. The defense organizations might launch fearsome retaliation or try to cover up the incidents at first.

One thing to point out is that an anarchy would be just as capable of supporting a massive standing army as a nation-state. It would just be less likely to do so.


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