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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Anarchy by dictat

The existence of a global society with weapons of mass destruction lead Einstein to the conclusion that there would be a world government. Inevitably, it would be formed by joint agreement or by the military victory of one empire. He preferred the first.

So much I cribbed from Andrew Sullivan.

But democracies, nuclear powers, and especially nuclear powered democracies tend not to attack each other. If, as we honorary neocons suspect, a New World Order composed solely of peaceful G8ish societies is developed, then they would live in a state of anarchy amongst themselves.

If enlightened self interest can create a lawless, yet peaceful, society of individuals, then it should also be able to do so for rational states.

Dictatorships tend to be as irrational as the dictator.

Let's suppose this New World Order arises eventually, as history seems to suggest it will. Won't the states tend to compete for resources and try to increase their productive output? Won't this gradually, painfully slowly, lead to deregulation? The example of an anarchist virtual world government will be there for everyone to see.

Of course there are many countervailing tendencies- I hardly place my hopes in logic and enlightenment- but history has been creeping toward increased organisation and decreased centralization of what organisation exists. Chaos is controlled by brute force and slowly evolves into an orderly, emergent system.

Unless we run out of energy. Then all bets are off.


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