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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Templar, verse 1 & 2

Lemme break it down so debate don't spread
The only voices plotting are the ones in your head
You wanna take the war to the Holy Roman Church?
Their satellites are watching from orbit round the Earth
The templars know your name, and they already seen the
records in their mainframe, the Deus ex Machina
and the Da Vinci code was just a botched book deal,
but the Houston oil port's guarded by the masonic seal
Pyramids watching over Galveston Bay and Mission Control
Pointing weapons in space down at the grassy knoll
Manufacturing hurricanes by warming the gulf stream
Installing instapundit to manufacture the meme
They're manipulating oil prices and the federal reserve
cuz they're sitting on the Alaskan wilderness preserve
they're waiting to bail out the market when it loses its nerve
They're forecasting future flux and far ahead of the curve
They're deciding all our fates, which we richly deserve
They're the ones that made Ernie Ervin's car swerve
They did Princess Di's too, to sap the crown's verve
the commonwealth will dissolve with no strong leader to serve
They're responsible for all of the Griffins but Merv
Kathy's killing our brain cells, nerve by nerve
They abducted Michael Jackson, made the Pop King a Perv
So American Idol can lull while we sit and observe
Every twenty fifth frame is a call to attack Iraq
the new digital TV is a human brain hack
The European Union is just a distraction
designed to provoke the caliphate's reaction
global empire, from the ashes of Babylon
New York and Brussels smooth enough to play scrabble on
That's the plan, human kind's up for sale
to bring the end times and assemble the grail

She's walking down the street in a mass produced crop top
eyes shining optimistically opiated by eye drops
Apple bottom jeans like every teeny bopper my god
her entire self image is dictated by her iPod
consumer culture from the TV, MTV can see me
it's using neural feedback to feed me please free me
They're preaching secular humanism asking if I am saved
iTunes is synchronising reorganising my brain wave
And there, in the square, I see The Man sneering
and fearing my conspiracy theory's nearing
completion, but it's merely appearing
The crowds are loud but they're hard of hearing
I try to warn them but they won't stop jeering
The talking points into my mind are searing
The signs and soundbites and acolytes cheering
the prophet we're making is finally appearing
on the stage while the speakers play Golden Earring
Once again, a War on something is gearing
up to run over the less endearing
members of society propriety's peering
at like what's that cuz we aint got good rearing
The country's course is slowly veering
it's like a Disney cruise ship with no one steering
it's like a split level that's slowly shearing
you wanna move out but the mortgage market is queering
It's like I like licking lips like I like lisping leering
queers in debeers creating the music I'm hearing
when I'm driving nonstop evading cops in the clearing
cuz my registration expired three years ago today
and they have no way to monitor my movements or my getaway


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