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Friday, April 25, 2008

Tales of the Cypherpunk - D


I danced my way up and back down Mill. Some places it's called 6th street, but usually it's Mill. It's the street with nothing but restaurants and stores full of crap. Sports memorabilia, record stores, theme stores with vintage clothing, philly cheese steaks and clubs and a post office. Sober tourists on a Saturday afternoon, inebriated crowds at night. It was the end of a long afternoon- I saw the 6 PM news van leaving as I did.

I skipped to a halt at a mysterious green door, set in the wall between some crappy store and some crappy restaurant. A cryptic sign read "Fetchback. The Retargeting Company."

Well, retargeting sounded good to me, but why was there no storefront? It must lead upstairs to a trendy loft studio where men in shiny shirts used Macs to do whatever Macs supposedly did. I pondered the sign. At this time of day, it was probably closed.

Suddenly, a small, paunchy Mexican man appeared. He pulled repeatedly on the brass handle and said, "Unado."
"Uh?" I replied.
"wahwahwahwah?" he asked.
"I was just wondering what this company does."
"No comprende."
"Que typo del trabajo?"
"Yo no se."

I went home.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is funny, I work at FetchBack and don't know of any funny Mexican guy... we're an Online Advertising company and sadly, if you make it up the stairs, there is a cool loft space but no men in shiny shirts :)

8:20 AM  

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