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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I wish

I wish I could see the world that people live in. The world where Columbine, 9/11, and Jeremiah Wright are surprising. Where you don't see these things coming a mile away. Where every new threat is existential and must be overreacted to immediately, just like the last one.

I remember in the 90s, the problem was landfills and soil pollution and acid rain. What happened to them? They're probably still a bigger problem than Global Warming.

How on Earth can you be surprised by 9/11? I heard someone say "they blew up the world trade center" and the first thought that popped into my head was "Again?" The second thought was "Frickin Bin Laden."

The third thought was that it could be some elaborate ploy by the Chinese Army. Probably not.

Flying planes into buildings? First of all, I had the same idea. The Columbine shooters considered it. It was mentioned in some crazy pamphlet McVeigh had. It's not original. 7 years later, people think it was an unforeseen event, and they still think it was horrible.

Do you realize the intention was to knock the tower over sideways? No evacuation time and goodbye to 4 blocks of lesser buildings. 50000 dead, at least, plus the white house. We got off easy thanks to American Engineering (TM) and cell phones made in Taiwan. Also, they didn't have the A380 available.

Fortunately, with reinforced cockpits, no one will be able to stop the next hijacker who tries it.

In what dimension is Hillary a genuine person who brings hope? I find it unfathomable.

Why haven't any of the successors to C++ been adopted? For bonus giggles, check out Intel's new whitepaper on parallelization.

This girl gained fame and notoriety, and thousands of doting pedophiliac followers, without showing so much as a bra strap. Yet Miley Cyrus et al have to dress like prostitutes to get preteen girls to watch them.

Felicity: The American Girl Movie or somesuch. It has a glaring flick flub: secular humanism. Yes, that's what 18th century Americans relied on in times of struggle. Way to fail, Hollywood.

50 years from now, old people will be listening to the Top 40 crap from today. Avril Lavigne will be a classic. Dynamite Hack and MC Lars will be down the memory hole.

Millions of Gwen Stefani fans have never heard of No Doubt.

People still can't make ends meet. I live like a frickin KING on less than the average poor schlub makes. At least, I think so. Hot water every day, as much as I want. All the groceries I can eat. Thousands of years of culture, at my fingertips. Music on demand. And people are starving, trying to borrow enough money from EZCash or whatever to get something to eat at Starbucks.

Gas is so expensive that it's hard to go see the NASCAR races with your family.

Scientists are
1) Studying evolution
2) Trying to save the Giant Panda
3) Making sheeple and humanzees in test tubes
4) Researching new drugs to save the infirm and stop that damned evolution

What I've noticed is that we're fragmented into a number of cultures and subcultures, but we generally get along by being totally oblivious to our surroundings. We just interpret everything we hear as though it were we who said it.


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