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Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Cypher's Tale 39


Betty made it to the corner of the Quadrangle at 2214. The Quadrangle was a system of streets that comprised the most expensive real estate in the city, though recent years had seen it drop to more reasonable levels. This corner was an intersection like so many others, 200 meters or so from the bridge between Plaza 43 and Plaza 44.

The span was a grey wisp in the night sky. Betty ran toward it, eyes fixed on a tiny inky droplet that depended from its keystone.

The keystone was a plastic facade. The droplet was Alpha Point local.

As she watched, a puff of whiteness and a piercing synthetic drumbeat broke the haiku that was the droplet's eternal equipoise. It oh-so-slowly... dripped.

Betty stumbled to a stop. Bemused onlookers turned from her sweaty, heaving bosom to find what she was looking at. More than one neck popped, unused to tilting up.

Slowly- only .6 G, and against a kilometer backdrop, the faceted spheroid office building dropped toward streetlevel.

"Oh shimatta."
Wha- OH FU trailed off in a stream of noise and 2600 baud.

Stoplights turned red. Traffic halted. A few pedestrians, then a mad rush stampeded away from the point of impact.

Eighteen seconds was long enough for most to escape serious injury.

It hit like a bomb, or an earthquake. It sank into the hollowed out skin of the city and buckled concrete in two separate waves. It fractured ten thousand windows. A front of debris like a dust storm whipped down the canyon, throwing laggards from their feet. It nicked exposed flesh. The building screamed its last so loudly that it was as if the whole city groaned in steel.

She watched the wandering rows of glass facets crush, successively, under the weight of the next. A fountain of hydrogen gas ejected upward, popping, flaming, raining pure water through the greasy air. Droplets struck her face, her 200 meters away. Her silky red dress whipped up in the sudden gale, revealing a silky red rounded butt. A water main burst, but that sprinkle was lost in the hulking devastation that settled, finally, five stories high, embedded in a sinkhole and a skyscraper's front.

"Oh. Oh. Oh Shilo."
That's what ... I like to hear ... I got nothin. wow.


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