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Friday, April 25, 2008

The Cypher's Tale 34


"Moe? Moe, talk to me."
In the cool, dim underground, Daniel held her by the shoulders. Her radiant reds were dulled; despite her curves, she seemed small.

Behind her, the tech shifted awkwardly in a lawn chair.
"Moe, Moe, we need you, right? We have to know what's coming next."
Behind her, Betty frowned in confusion. She twirled an index finger around her ear. The tech choked on her soda.
Daniel stepped forward and hugged her. "It's fine, this was all predicted. We have procedures. Tyson's just checking on his people. You have to do your job now."
Ne Dan whats this about Moe n Ty???
I have no clue. Did you find him?
Theres like 10 deaders up there but I think they were all bad guys. And his guns and stuff are gone.
He felt Moe sniffling into his chest. Christ Almighty.
The oracle seems to be... broken. What's the exact body count?
Theres 2 many pieces. I don't want to go around counting arms. Like people arms, not weapons.
.. pieces? nm What's the update.
"Brenda's okay! Sweet. She got hit by an element of Alpha Point."

Moe looked up and softly said, "The opfor targeted the HQ, command and control, operatives on the J account, and the military division. Simultaneous time on target, 18% of Alpha Point personnel, and elaborate subterfuge were incorporated. Information warfare was employed as a secondary measure. The implied goal was to eliminate all knowledge of Solomon's Key. The planning implies that the opfor has access to the key. Means and motive indicate some part of Central Intelligence operating covertly. The primary targets should have been destroyed; it was only chance that they encountered resistance here-" her voice skipped a beat- "and fortune that Betty is a hardened target. Their information about our capabilities has now increased."
"They have lost 18% of Alpha's manpower. Analysis of force effectiveness shows that our contractors would be victorious against opfor assets currently in the metropolitan area, assuming parity in cyberwarfare assets."
"Usotsuki! Shilo ga motto better than parity!"
"Assuming parity in cyberwarfare assets. At any rate... we... ah, they will consider a second wave, but they won't launch. CI will try to infiltrate. The boss missed the first target point. Assuming Tyson survived, he will counterattack. The motor pool will renegotiate their contract when the net is restored. We have to begin propaganda efforts. The first narrative should be beginning on newsfeeds now: bloody shootout, espionage, industrial warfare. Temporary chance to exploit internal division between AP muscle and brains. Betty, your hands."
Moe buried her face once more into Daniel's button-up shirt.


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