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Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Cypher's Tale 33


A black space. A safe space. The safest place in the world.
What? What is it?
"Infowar. Jonas, may want your assist."
How? Hey, it's starting to smell out here.
"Clean, hell."

The endless night sky was filled with constellations, multicolored apparitions, so many that the farthest ones began to blur due to the lack of resolution of the human brain. Shilo's halo had reproduced and now four sets of sigils spun around his waist at arm's length. He pulled copies loose, stuck them together, nested them, and sent them spinning into orbit.

The nearer structures around him were under assault. To his right, they represented his external servers, accounts, and clouds. Those were fine, for the moment, but soon enough his forward operating bases would be attacked. They were replaceable.

To his left were the assets of the company and its supply chain. These were being scanned- not obviously, but the bandwidth couldn't be hidden. A few were being probed for weakness. Shut them down? No.

Symbols- the universal network language- danced. They could be translated into a human language, or the unicode, or geometric proofs, but here they were used in a simple syntax that expressed things that didn't translate into any reasonable concept.
Sine your pitty on the runny kine.
an empty product, or nullary product, is the result of multiplying no numbers. Its numerical value is 1
He rerouted the explorers between a whirlpool and a kraken, into a Turing Machine that would pretend to be a real server.
Shilo, find my Oniichan! moto hayai!
Others.. the motor pool was under a deluge. Take it offline compromise action query? He zapped it, set up another Turing, and pinged to alert the network. They were rerouted onto his rotating anonymous freenet. But the bandwidth might compromise stealth.
This is Brenda, checking in.
Only two left, then. He didn't tell her that no one had been interested in her safety.
To his right, a proxy went down ugly. Unplugged? They had seen him, not him, of course, but the other end of the secure line was open.


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