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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Cypher's Tale 32


A black space. A safe space. The safest place in the world. Shilo stood in the center of a golden ring that held in its double wall seventy-two sigils. His arms, outstretched, grazed them. To his mind's eye they were eternal, unmoved by parallax, transparent to the utter blackness beyond.There was no source of light, but he was illumined.


Betty stood on a throbbing mauve triangle. She opened her mouth to speak again, but was shoved off balance and stumbled into oblivion. Moe appeared on the triangle. Her glossy red locks were a little unkilter, stray hairs escaping.
"What is Ty's status?"
"I dunno. Didn't he go home?"
"He was still working when they came and he fought them."
Shilo thought- it couldn't be, but he almost thought he'd heard an exclamation point from her.
"Well, I got the boards monitored. Everybody's checked in except the boss, Tyson, and the chick with the eyepatch."
"Yeah, but we need a nickname for her. I was-"
"Damnit Shy! Find Tyson!"
"Uh, you've looked upstairs, right?"
Moe turned paler and left.

Betty appeared.
"Jeez, what did you say to her? You're insensitive, you know that? Well, I'm going to go look for Ty's remains. You find my oniichan."

Shilo was left alone.


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