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Friday, April 04, 2008

The Cypher's Tale 23 Alt 2


The door popped closed behind them, disconnecting all connections connected to the outside world. Total darkness. A light panel came back on, seeming dimmer than usual. Moe and Tra stood between the steel vault door and a downward stairwell. The landing was only two meters by three meters wide, giving the feeling that the steel wall was pushing them toward the stairs.


Moe reached for the release wheel, but Tra put a pecan-colored hand on hers. "The contingency plan states that once the vault is sealed, it remains sealed for thirty minutes or until cencom is operational."
"How can we run cencom without Ty?"
A dull boom came through the door and echoed down into the vault.
"Oh god, oh god." Moe turned and ran down into the darkness.

Daniel, Ed, and a technician sat in the lower hallway in chairs lifted from side rooms. The lights were low, but coffee brewed in a dark conference room. Daniel sipped some from a ceramic cup.
Moe burst out of the stairwell, Tra in hot pursuit.
"Hey, Mo. Crazy. Good thing Jonas is paying the bills for this crap."
"Ty is up there!"
The walls buzzed. A dull roar could be heard above them.
The technician fished a can out of a small cooler and cracked it open.
Moe gave her a ferocious glare. The girl turned away and took a gulp of cola. Moe stalked down the hallway, turned left, and entered cencom. Tra followed, with a last bland look at Daniel.

Daniel told his tech, "don't worry about it. And.. Ty will be fine. You should see his resume."
"Daniel," said Ed slowly, "where's the boss?"


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