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Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Cypher's Tale 24 Alt 1


"I'll never tell you where it is."

The shadows looked at each other. The one on the left shrugged. The other, after a hesitation, signaled a third figure to enter the apartment. The door closed.

It peeled away its mask to reveal a sandy-haired man in his thirties, lined from sun exposure. The others followed suit. They were a hazy square-faced woman and a young male. The young male shifted his machine gun self-consciously and looked nothing like the most dangerous animal left on the planet. The woman's mask left a smear of lipstick on her upper lip. They gave the impression of disposable minor characters.

"Come out with your hands up."
"Ha! You've seen too many videos. Let's negotiate like this."
"What's that? The kid doesn't know anything?" Click.
Micah tried to sit up. His mother pushed him back down by the forehead.

The sandy haired gunman moved to his left and followed the apartment wall until he stepped onto kitchen tile. He pointed his carbine at the kneeling woman. "Up."
She rose.
"Hands up."
Ten lotioned digits pointed upward. Her eye blinked coldly.

"Come forward slowly. You two- watch them. I'm calling in."


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