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Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Cypher's Tale 24


"Eat my Panzer Kunst, bitches!" She threw her head back and laughed diabolically, gold curls flouncing.
"You killed them!" said Shilo.
"That's my job, right? Samurai deshou."
"You killed them."
She shrugged and grabbed the survivor by the collar. His eye was black and red, and his face was already swelling. Blood welled out like tears. His other eye was a twitching pinpoint. "Who sent you?"
"I think he has a concussion."
"Bah." She released him. The man slumped to his knees and was caught by a pale-faced Jonas. Betty glared at the crowd. Faces turned away and went about their business.

Jonas lay his burden on the sidewalk and moved his jaw silently. Then, "What the hell was that?"
"Panzer Kunst. I told you, right."
"Shilo, she's a bodyguard?"
"More or less. Uh, are your pings bouncing?"
Betty frowned. She wiggled four ragged bloody fingertips. "No. No one's responding."
"...Time on target?"
"Maybe. Kuso, I hoped they were just here to kill you."
Jonas interjected. "Wait, you brought a bodyguard to dinner? I'm hurt."
Yin and Yang rolled their eyes. "So anyway," said Shilo, "we gotta get to HQ."
"Right." Betty dropped a business card on the ground. "Anta handle the EPW, kay?" She turned and ran down the sidewalk.

Black Alice scratched at her neck. "I see why she wears flats."


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