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Monday, February 11, 2008

Who Won World War One?

A lot of people are complaining about the "One World Government" that's on the drawing boards. They think there's some sort of conspiracy. Hah. People just love giant, centralized governments with the ability to crush human freedom. There's no secret about it.

I'm not worried, for several reasons.

1) The anarchist utopia has open borders. So why be concerned about a little amnesty for illiterate disease-ridden Mexican jihadis? In a perfect world, they'd be coming here on conveyor belts.

2) The Amero, the unified North American currency, will not come to pass. The reason is that Mexico and likely Canada are too incompetent to entrust with any control over our money supply. Anyway, the dollar is a reserve currency. We practically share our economy with China already.

3) It's true that a United Nation with an Asian Union, EU, NAU etc. would be 1984 come to pass. However, at current rates the EU and United States are both going to collapse before we make it that far. My only hope is to delay the collapse as long as possible, preferably until long after I'm dead and my genes are circulating around the globe. The longer we hold out, the better the next society will be. That's according to my economic theory of government.

4) China and Islam will want to come out on top, no matter how soft and corrupt the West becomes. They'll fight it out and prevent One World Government.

5) I'm hoping to have my own space colony some day. Not that I'd want to go, but maybe some of my progeny could escape and populate the solar system. It's unlikely, but less so than One World Government.


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