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Friday, February 15, 2008

Right Wing Critique of the Week

Here's the story.

It's an idea piece. Not much plot. The premise is that humans can live well past a hundred with organ transplants, so young people are drafted to supply kidneys and so forth to "important" recipients: politicians etc.

Of course the main character gives in.

It's easy to read the story and think "I'd go out shooting. I'd bomb clinics under cover of darkness. I'd assassinate leaders in broad daylight."

In reality, most people are content to suffer a little rather than die for principle.

The larger problem is that the organ system is the same as social security, and I'm not killing people over that. In fact, not only can I prove that social security is morally equivalent to the "organ draft," but social security is *worse*. If they took a kidney, well, I'd live. But instead they take ~11% of your pay, forever. That's 11% of your life. That's 50 minutes a day that you go to work to support other people, people that had their whole lives to plan.

That's 11% less money to spend on groceries and Netflix. And children's birthday parties. And health care for the young and productive. Instead, that money goes to people that got us into the geopolitical monetary fiscal cultural mess that we're in.

It can't elicit the same disgust and outrage as an organ draft because it's only money. But it's not money, it's karma. It's blood, sweat and tears.

I'm not going out in a bloody spree.

It goes to show that truth and right are pretty much useless against societal inertia.


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