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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Revolutionary Business Plans

I'm going to start a series of business plans. Just outlines, more like executive summaries than full business plans.

The basic idea is that we can reduce government power by pushing it out of niches with free enterprise.

There are cons to this, but it can work. Take power generation: it is highly regulated everywhere because the utilities benefit from being monopolies and the government benefits from arbitrarily controlling things. Many economists say that it's because of the nature of monopolies' pricing powers and the economies of scale in utility industries, but that's bull. Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and bottled water are profitable industries that cut into this government-controlled niche.

Pre-nuptial agreements are an interesting case. If they were more popular, government-sanctioned marriage and the beloathed family courts would wither and die. Gays, Christians, and men would benefit. The reasons they aren't popular are mostly related to economics and the social flux that's taken place in the last few decades. Superficially, they have image problems, but I believe that those are mostly rooted in the fact that the government marriage contract is skewed toward women, who used to have the advantage in negotiations. Anyway, with the correct marketing, I think pre-nups could become much more common.

So I'll be posting some business ideas on this scheme, and anyone in the Phoenix area with requisite skills or capital can contact me if interested.


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