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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I remember the halcyon days of 2007

when I endorsed McCain. I switched to Ron Paul when I realized he would be the most entertaining. Here're my picks:

1. Ron Paul - would throw a massive wrench into the machinery. Never had a chance, of course, but he might've done better in NH if they weren't scared stiff of Huckabee.
2. Thompson - not the most effective in office, but the Presidency doesn't rely on his weaknesses
3. McCain - I barely agree with him, but he has integrity and could win the general
4. Giuliani - Smarter than he looks, but might start WWIII
5. Romney - not awful
6. Tancredo - I think he withdrew, but he's still better than Huckabee
7. Barry Goldwater - he's dead, but once again, better than Huckabee
8. Stephen Colbert

1. Hillary - she wants to create a socialist healthcare nightmare and snuff out the last vestiges of human liberty. However, I might vote for her in the general if we nominate Huckabee.
2. Obama - has good intentions and youthful optimism. Since he's a (D), that actually makes him worse than Huckabee.
3. JFK - I think he may be eligible to run again, and if we're scraping the bottom of the barrel it would be nice to see him run against Goldwater. I bet he wouldn't have the advantage on televised debates anymore.

I may not vote if it gets down to Giuliani vs. Hillary. I may switch over and vote for Hillary if she runs against the Huckster. Not that my vote matters, but I feel like I'm increasing the information content of the electorate.


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