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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Vote McCain

Let me jump on this bandwagon now. Sure, John McCain has an incoherent ideology. His IQ is above average, but still less than Dubya's and Algore's. He doesn't agree with me on everything, and he has the potential to be swayed into idiotic policy positions.

But hey, at least he has the courage of his convictions. He has a higher chance of restraining spending than any other nominee so far. He would be entertaining, and the media loves him for some reason, so we wouldn't have to listen to their blatant lies for another 4 years. Well, their lies would be more benign.

Of course I would rather have Gingrich-Rice, but I think that ticket might be too divisive.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Increasing the number of soldiers in Iraq is not a "plan." It is not a "new strategy." It may be a good idea, but it's primarily a

1) Cheap political maneuver

2) Slight adjustment of tactics

Nihongo Cross-post

"Japanese verb forms have two main tenses, the present and the past. There is no future tense."

Hm, well, you would think that would make Japanese easier to learn, but from what I understand it's almost as hard as English. And if you don't think English is hard, consider the fact that most AMERICANS can't speak English properly. We have about 14 tenses, hundreds of irregular verbs, and 4 types of syntax. My word processor once freaked out and said I was using archaic Germanic English syntax. That's what I get for being so learned.

See, learned was a verb, but now it's an adjective. That's how the English language rolls, yo.

No other language spends as much time and effort trying to rhyme, either.

But Japanese conjugations have nothing to do with meaning- they are based on the spelling of the word. And the words are spelled with 3 different written language. And different conjugations are used depending on the level of politeness.

I like Japanese culture, and they have some awesome engineering over there. I want to visit, maybe this summer. Their economy is finally picking up, and it's THE place to be for humanoid robotics. Plus I would be able to mack the Lolis without chumps jocking my game. Not that that would necessarily be a good thing.

Oh, and I'm way taller than anyone in Japan.