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Friday, December 21, 2007

Tales of the Cypherpunk 12

While Shilo dangled above the city, Moe was part of it. She melded so completely with all the cultures and fashions and currents of people that it seemed she was born to be a spy - but no, she couldn't be, not her. No native could be so perfectly natural, sipping Kahlua latte in the corner of the shop. Long, dark red hair. Full, moist red lips. Black leather, waist-hugging jacket with demure lapels, grey cotton T, dark blue wranglers and crossed legs. She leaned back in her lounge chair and her couture uncovered her right eye, for once.

"It's pronounced 'mo-eh'," she said. "It's not short for anything. Just short. I wish it were three syllables, one for each letter, but it's not."

" 'mm-o-eh'? " the mark asked, in a fit of punctuation.

Tyson drew his eyebrows together but said nothing. His green tea was nearly untouched.

"Not the same ring to it," said Mo-eh. "Well, speaking of trisyllabisms, were you able to get it?"

"Well, uh," the mark squirmed, "it looks like they're not available right now. I can't promise anything, but can you give me an expiration date? So if I get it, I'll let you know."

Moe sighed, delicately massaged her temple with two fingers. "Wednesday, at the latest. Well, hey, Joe, it was great talking to you, but Ty and I have to get going. People to do, things to see."

"Right, sure."

The mark left.

Moe smiled slightly.

Tyson sipped his tea. "What was that all about? You're buying information?"

Moebatted her eyelashes at him and stuck out her lips. "That's why you're not the S-2. If I actually told people what I wanted, they'd probably bomb the office. So far, Allah knows why, they're only after Shy. They don't want us dead, but" she took a drink and checked for surveillance "they want information. Now, I've been probing the opfor and this guy just confirmed my guess. He can't get me the database I asked for because the only person with access is unavailable. HR says she's been at work every day this week, but the custodians haven't taken any trash out of her office. She is only responding to emails. My flowers weren't even delivered. Now this guy stood to make a meg if he found her, but he couldn't."

"So.. she's the one our client may have. What does she do?"

"Here's the fun part."


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