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Friday, November 16, 2007

Tales of the Cypherpunk 10


If City Trust Insurance was a conservative edifice, then Alpha Point Local 404 was baroque.

In the city center, a cluster of round skyrises kiss the clouds and cast a literal, metaphoric shadow over Uptown. Seen from a window on the 400th floor of Greenway Plaza 119, the clouds are just whipped cream on the city's rich, brown air. The other towers give a distorted sense of scale, since there is nothing else to compare them to. A few causeways link them; a few balloons float amongst the towers, carrying office supplies and tourists and great neon advertisements. Blobs of real estate hang from a few of the causeways; pushcarts troll along them, somehow supporting their owners on the largess of what is the modern equivalent of a back hallway's traffic.

Beneath an ice cream cart, inside a tiny drop of urbanity dangling a thousand feet above the ground, a labyrinth of irregular tunnels housed the RDI account specialists. The tunnels were, coincidentally, reminiscent of a defunct entertainment venue called "Space Mountain." Whether the account specialists liked the architecture was unknown, but they did enjoy the mystique of living and working in the towers.

Light spilled out into the irregular tunnels at regular intervals. Shadows crept and flickered across the floor/wall. One shadow gestured like a tree in a thunderstorm.

"Yeah, Mohamed, it seems like there's been some kind of mix-up... Well I know the account says that, but someone typed it in wrong... No, she's on a Platinum Plus plan. But apparently they got the two mixed up and now the computers say that she's been seized by the creditor. It should be.. Yeah... that's 693-218-3400... No... It IS her then? So it was the accounts, not the names?..


.. Oh."


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