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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Social issues fascinate me

but I rarely write about them.


"Mr Clee said there was no doubt the girl consented to sex but because of her age the offence amounted to rape.

The judge said: "She was a girl of 10 and you are a man of 20. Those bald facts do not properly represent the true facts of this case.

"The prosecution accepts that you believed she was 16 and that that belief was reasonable.""

Well, logically, it was the right decision. You have to chew it over a bit, true. If you read the article, it supports the 'reasonable belief' statement. We can't really judge without pictures. Then you have to wonder if the kid was drinking a lot of milk or something. Maybe she was ethnic.*

"the girl was in the care of a local authority"

I'm not sure what that means, but perhaps an orphanage? What is the government is doing to manufacture delinquents like this? Not that I blame the girl for anything; no one earns my irrational contempt until they're at least fifteen. But it's not like this case developed in isolation. Based on everything I've read about the UK lately, it doesn't even surprise me.

*This use of the word 'ethnic' is a colloquialism. Thanks to the nature of the blogosphere, I must annotate such things.


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