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Sunday, November 18, 2007

RedState Bashing Part 7 (Now with 15% more punchline)

Here's some quotes from Erik, a RedState ringleader:

"Dear Comrade Wonkette,

In this fight with the Paultards....

We are investigating the connection. It seems the Fourth Reich Paultards could be reviving the human experiments of the Third Reich. ..." - Nov 15, 2007

Yes, he apparently feels more kinship with a vacuous leftist partisan than with a paleoconservative.

"Apparently, we've all been fooled— most especially the Paultards. It seems Herr Paul is not the purist one of all. Why, it's like having a short little black haired, mustached man clamor for a race of tall, blond metrosexuals. Mr. "It's the Constitution, Stupid" has been whoring and raping the federal treasury along with the rest of the money-nymphs in Washington." - Nov 15, 2007

"This is actually not something I'm generally inclined to write. I'm trying to get beyond writing things that might be construed as negative about Republican candidates. But, we had Hugh the other day suggest that Fred should not have gotten the NRLC endorsement because he did not support the HLA and, though not directly stating so, fairly well implied that Romney did." - Nov 17, 2007

Really. Is this something you came up with in the 42 hours since your last post comparing Ron Paul to a Nazi collaborater? Good job, then. Although, I would think that if you have a political blog then you should have thought through your "rabidly attacking people on my side" strategy a while ago. Just, ya know, in case you decided to rabidly attack someone on your own side and needed a metric to judge its reasonableness.


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