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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

RedState Bashing Part 6

I've noticed that of all the mindless neural-net-esque pattern regurgitation I see at RedState, this Moe Lane character is the biggest idiot of all. For some reason I think of Moe as a girl's name, but I don't think that's the case.

I already picked on Moe in an earlier post, but not by name. Here are some choice bits of vapidity:

"Embrace them for too long, and you end up not being able to turn that part of your brain off. As these two guys could tell you. Well, they won't, because they're in the moment - but they could. As always, comments Over There are the best part. You think that we're peeved about our candidate choice?"

No, I don't know wtf that post was about either.

"Possibly the too much coffee and the not enough sleep are doing the writing for me, but there's something about all of this that seems... not quite spontaneous, somehow. I hesitate to call it "staged," but only because I don't want to sound paranoid. Of course, now that I've typed that out and so essentially admitted it, well... Anyway, we'll see how this goes."

"The British have a Law of Unintended Consequences, too. Probably spelled differently, though."

No, it's not. My British spelling jokes are at least funny, although I can't post them here.

"I presume that this is a rhetorical question, Megan. ... Because teacher's unions reliably support Democrats, while doctors do not. Sheesh. Ask a hard one, next time."

Good job, you answered a rhetorical question. If it were possible to refund time, you'd be getting a lot of requests on that one.

"There was a blog that went to submissions. To the author: you're not in trouble for it, but at least one Director is uncomfortable giving credence to what was essentially scurrilous rumor on the original speculator's part. Frankly, so was I. And if it turns out to be false your excellent point about it all will be obscured by the faux outrage of others.


PS: And to the person who recommended it: I've noticed that there is a habit among some of our left-leaning regulars to recommend blog entries that might be considered embarrassing to the site."

Great people talk about ideas; average people talk about things; small people talk about other people. I'm having chest pains and flashbacks to Jr. High with that one. Kudos on maintaining your asinine style by adding a PS to a blog entry. An improperly punctuated P.S., I may add.

"This is a hard call to make about my banning policy.
By Moe Lane

Should I keep pretending towards being witty, or should I just use this image?
[picture of a baby]
I mean, clearly this one's unsuitable:
[picture of a baby]
Although this one might do:
[picture of a baby]"

WTF was that? you have a banning policy? No, better yet, you were pretending to be witty? I missed it somewhere. But honestly, they were just pictures of babies. No crying, no funny antics, no dirty diapers that could possibly explain what relevance they have to a ban policy. No links to explain wtf is going on.

To summarize, Moe Lane is the worst writer I have ever seen on the front page of a blog. That includes Dilemmas of a Virgin Slut, written by a vacuous college girl. It includes David Kurtz, the moron that posts on Talking Points Memo when Josh is too busy running his faux empire.

In fact, and this just occurred to me, I don't think I've seen any actual analysis or right-wing political content in any of Moe's posts.


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