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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Race and Intelligence

Here's a pretty good summary of the scientific side's arguments. It's very rare that I find anyone worth blogrolling, so this guy may end up there
before too long. Heck, I actually had to read all the words in the sentences to understand what he was saying.

I don't comment on race issues so much because they fall into 2 categories:
1) attempts to dole out pork
2) the completely obvious

Anyone who has lived in the hood for any length of time has ample opportunity to compare the behavior of different races under identical conditions. Some of the similarities are funnier than the differences. One of the most interesting points is that racism is openly accepted by blacks. But regardless of what you take away from the experience, it leaves you completely unable to talk to the average upper middle class white person about any racial political issue. Odds are, their experience with blacks is limited to Martin Luther King Jr., Will Smith, and the average upper middle class black person that lives down the street. Since our educational system is designed to iron out individual variation, I almost think that the effect is less pronounced than it would be in nature.

Edit: Did you know that Marshall Mathers, aka Eminem, raps with a "black" Detroit accent? If you lower the pitch of one of his songs it is strikingly obvious.


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