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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I've been a bit negative lately,

so I decided to blog about something I like, instead of kicking around the mentally disadvantaged. Unfortunately, I couldn't think of any way to relate cute little girls, robots, or martial arts to politics.

So instead, I'll recommend the Hajime no Ippo (First Step) manga. It's an extremely well-written and very long comic book series from Japan. Ippo, the main character, starts out as the kid that always gets picked on, but he discovers boxing in the first couple o' chapters. The boxing is dramatized, but also fairly realistic. The technical detail is beyond anything else I've read. The art goes from OK at volume 1 to Good at volume 5 to Excellent by volume 30 or so.

The anime suffers from low production values, particularly the sound effects, but the theme songs are catchy. The OVA is great. However, the anime version only goes up to volume 30, and the Manga is currently on volume 81 or so.

The series is available at mangadownload.net.


Blogger lady influence said...

i've watch that series too. and its really entertaining, but im more hooked up with Zakuragi in Slam Dunk..

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10:44 PM  

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