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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Good Bad Example 2

I'm on a roll with these antisocial stereotypes.

What *I* like is when someone tries to use reductio ad absurdum and fails miserably. The following quote is from Vox Day's comments. He purposefully aggravates groups that are already on edge, and as a result he gets a lot of incoherent rage:

"So what's your point. How do any of those definitions mandate male suffrage, or any suffrage at all? Are you willing to give up your vote?"

Yes. I would fall to my knees and weep tears of joy if I could give up the vote in exchange for freedom. No one said anything in favor of male suffrage, although it's a slightly better idea than female suffrage. But if I could actually live free AND not have to stand in line to vote?

Just imagine: the DMV would take your money, give you an EZ-tag, smile, and all of it would be done in 10 minutes! Slightly less war, cheap crack rocks at Walmart, full employment for the homeless in our nation's sweat shops. I could walk down the street with a sword and no one would hassle me. No taxes. Gays could get married. Priests could condemn Gays to the fiery pits of hell and it wouldn't be considered a hate crime. The Philip Morris private school chain. Oprah with guns. The Martha Stewart Living Mutual Fund.

Of course our sociological and technological bases aren't advanced enough to sustain a stable balance of power in the absence of democratic government. So we have to vote. For now.


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