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Friday, November 09, 2007

Bizarro World

Apparently, posting about current events draws commenters to my blog, so I decided to post on what the likely effects of an unlikely Paul presidency would be. Note that I don't expect him to be able to implement most of his agenda.

1) Troop drawdowns - probably beginning March 09 and ending in mid 2010. By that time, Iraq will be "stable" in the sense that the government will probably hang on and beat the insurgency eventually. I know that literally no one in the US agrees with me on this, so don't bother responding unless your time is really worthless.

2) No gold standard - Unfortunately, we don't really have any gold to back our money up with. It's essentially worthless already, and the minimum wage hikes over the next two years are going to push it a lot lower. On the plus side, this should alleviate the mortgage bust.

3) Budget vetos, leading to an annual budget increase that is less than inflation.

4) Paul spending less than the authorized budget, which creates huge political issues and calls for impeachment.

5) Some sort of meaningless tax restructuring.

6) Increased border deployment for national guard. Increased emphasis on deporting illegal aliens who commit crimes. Resources shuffled away from the War On Drugs.

7) End of the Patriot Act.

8) The aliens in Area 51 are released from their imprisonment as a political favor (They voted for him).

9) More gridlock on Judicial nominations.

10) No national health care.

11) More free trade agreements.

12) Class action lawsuits against importers of shoddy foreign products.

So I don't really expect anything positive. It's still a lot better than my expectations for the other candidates. He could also align with the Liberty Caucus and the racists in the Democratic party and legalize marijuana at the Federal level, or do any of a few other political jujitsu maneuvers. They're less likely individually, but the odds of at least one wacky bill making it through are pretty high.


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