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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Red State Mayhem

Apparently the parochially-named "Red State" blog has decided not to allow new posters to talk about Ron Paul. Of course that's a bit questionable from a J.S. Mill standpoint, but whatever. They claim that the Ron Paul supporters at their site are all crazed liberal trolls like this one.

If you follow that last link, note that most of Red State's grammatical corrections [] are, in fact, incorrect. That's about par for the course for the self righteous.

I admit that most of the truly loony people will be attracted to Paul, primarily because he opposed the Iraq invasion. And since loony people love the internet, well, sucks to be Red State. However, I have to question this post.

"Do you understand? Your votes are tainted. We don't want them. Sit at home. Vote for Hillary."

and earlier

"It got to the point that once I saw something stupid, I didn't even need to guess. A few lines down or up and I'd see the magic words that explained it: "I am a Ron Paul supporter.""

Yes, well, I can certainly see how throwing away potential Democrat votes is an intelligent and long-term strategy. I'm sure we can win without (1) GOP base turnout (2) the libertarian GOP bloc and (3) crossover voters. Except I don't mean "we" because I probably won't be voting this time around. Frankly, even though Hillary is a thinly veiled totalitarian despot, I don't think she's all that much worse than Giuliani or Romney. I've already got my passport anyway.


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