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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I <3 partisan zombies

From GOP Bloggers, the mouthpieces of mainstream Republicanism:

"Gore's pursuit of a carbon tax has turned him into a supply-side tax cut proponent.... So Gore admits that a reduction in tax rates on labor increases the demand for labor."

Way to stick it to the economically illiterate Lefties, guys. Except that a reduction in tax rates on labor DOESN'T increase the demand for labor. It increases the supply. Hence the term "supply side." And while it might seem like it's the same difference, I promise it's not. And while it may seem like the writer (Jon Roth) has a clue, he actually doesn't. And while it may seem like he's a sensical right winger, he's probably just as nonsensical as any pinko. He just happens to be on the right side.

This *may* be a slip of the tongue. Ya know, anyone *could* make a mistake like that. But if you're going to make a living by insulting your partisan opponents, you should have your facts straight. I'm going to file this under "F."

Remember, if someone is truly stupid, they're equally likely to become a Republican as a Democrat.
Then, in the comments, an equally laughable attempt to rebut:

"[meaningless blather]... To address your central point: supply side economics states that lowering taxes increases tax revenues. Gore said nothing of the fairy tale sort."

Yeah, that's exactly what supply side economics is about.


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