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Monday, September 17, 2007

Suffer through the previous post first.

I find myself in agreement with atheists, even the more acerbic and irrational atheists, more often than would be expected.

The civil marriage should be abolished. It creates legal inequities for everyone who's not married, particularly gays and perfect specimens of manhood like myself. It's bad enough that I'll soon be paying social security to support aging roofers in decaying suburbs, but when President Hillary begins her reign of terror I'll be supporting your kids' dental plans.

Marriage has always been a contract with various purposes that shift in importance from society to society. In this great age of rule-by-lawyer, we can accomplish all those goals with civil unions, thus paving the way for Heinleinesque communes and whatnot.

The main practical accomplishments will be to make the gays shut up and to protect the religious institution of marriage.

I admit that the number of couples pretending to be wed in the eyes of God will decrease. Cest la vie. I'm not one for inflating the numbers. There are about 200 million Americans who claim to be Christian but don't do much about it. (Note: I often make up off-the-wall metaphorical numbers. When I do, it's obvious. In case you're wondering, the 200 million figure is a rough but accurate estimate.)

Well, that's all academic. The reality is that having a capricious government regulate the details of my theoretical marriage disturbs me. Think about "family courts" and you'll begin to appreciate my concern.

All of that was an example of how my semi-deism leads me to the same conclusions as an atheist.


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