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Friday, July 13, 2007

I forgot what I was going to write about, but it started like...

According to every indicator, I'm a ticking time bomb. Schizoaffective disorder is supposed to be degenerative. I'm afflicted by most of the major causes of stress. Apparently, I also have all the causes AND effects of "loneliness."

But I despise psychology in general. Perhaps my previous post exposed disdain for the social sciences.. Well, their stamp collecting is useful and psychiatry may even do more good than harm. All the useful research I'm aware of was done before 1960, but no matter.. I'm sure it continues.

Usually, this sort of ignorant bias and stereotyping fades away as one learns more of a subject, but I find that I have to grit my teeth and periodically cleanse myself of idiotic BS to get to the morsels of knowledge in the average psychology text.

Opinionated political references used as examples. Non sequiters. Narrowminded ignorance of related fields. Complete obliviousness to cause and effect - everything treated as mere correlation, even when chronology and empirical data suggests cause and effect. This treatment can be properly cautious many times, especially in uncharted waters like the human mind.

Other times, it makes me want to punch the author for being so retarded.

Yes, I do have a stack of psychology textbooks I recently required. No, I will never pay for this tripe.

But, as I say, many of the researchers do excellent stamp collecting work. It seems to be mainly the professors who write the texts that have no comprehension of the material they regurgitate.

Supply and demand, I suppose. Hard sciences need people with hard logic. Corporate anthropology and HR need people with insight. The few clear-thinkers left over try to carry forward the field with little assistance from the vast sea of mediocrities that was created to indoctrinate undergraduate students who have no actual need of a degree.

Meanwhile, I shout into the cavern of the ether mind.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You might like this site: http://www.antipsychiatry.org/

4:51 PM  

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