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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tales of the Cypherpunk, 2

Part 1

Shilo found himself outside the office the next morning with a ball cap on the bandage on the wound on his head. He entered from the street with a merry jingle from the glass door. The sun shone in behind him and cast the shadow of "Tom's Travel Agency" across the floor. Two identical potted plants stood sentry beside him. The floor and ceiling were a cheery bluey grey. The counter was a cheery bluey grey. Behind it, Betty the Receptionist beamed at him with wide, blue eyes. Her cheery grey dress squirmed around in her seat.

"Oohayo Shilo-kun! It's not even eight thirty yet! Are you supposed to be in here? Or did you want me to skip out and get us all breakfast?" Pout. "You know that no one else is qualified to sit here when I'm gone. Ne, Shilo, you shouldn't wear hats. They make your ears stick out funny."

He smiled and patted her on the head as he passed behind the counter and into the back offices.

Out of her line of sight, he glanced around and then sniffed his hand. .. Unlike most Modern Women, she had her natural hair, her natural color, but yet.. the blonde curls had a different scent every day. In the three weeks since he'd noticed, it hadn't repeated once.

The back offices were white plaster, grey steel, even one patch of brown plywood by the restroom. Two desks sat unused in the front left of a large open space; the shoddy carpentry was to the back right; every wall held one or two offices with with windows and subdued activity within. Shilo crossed the central area, passed the water cooler and punching bag, and entered the boss's office.

It was one with white plaster walls. He stood in front of an oversized steel desk cluttered with memory and tried to wake the boss. "Hey, fatty.. wake up." Shake, shake. "I'm talking to you, Pants-a-lot."

The boss sat up with a wild look in his eyes and a lock of black hair hanging across his face. "Damnit, Shy, it's all muscle. If you want to go, we've got the gloves. Why are you awake before me? I always thought you were a fricking vampire. Did sissy say she was bringing donuts in or something?"

Somehow, this pale, dark stocky, forty-something was the much older brother of the angel outside. Sort of like Cthulu and his kid sister. If there was one.

"Boss, we've got a little problem."


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