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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Tales of the Cypherpunk, 1

Let's see how this goes.

Shilo woke on concrete with a wet patch under his skull. He had the unpleasant clammy feeling of sleeping with his clothes on, and his boots were just awful.

Someone kicked him again. "Get up!"

There was light, a spot light, shining in his eyes. Shilo sat up and hard hands grabbed his shoulders, pulled him to his feet. The light was far away. The room went spinning when Shilo tried to look at it.

Kicked again, knocking his legs from under him. Held up and shaken by the iron grip behind him. "Tell us where she is!"

She.. they were.. it hurt to think, but it hurt, apparently, not to think either... they were after some woman, a girl really. Shilo wondered for a moment whether he could make more from selling her than hiding her. "Why.." It hurt to talk, too- "what are you talking about?"

The voice- it was a face in front of him, a short man with short, buzzed hair and a wild expression. "My sister, skag. You work for Jonas, you know where she is!"

Punched in the stomach. Shilo mentally added up the bonus he was going to get from this. Well, if he let something slip Jonas would boil him alive, but a few bruises would count for some nice overtime. .. "Listen.. I can't tell you or Jonas will kill me." True. "but.. if you can pay for her.."

The short man's eyes narrowed. "I'm listening."

"Go to Jonas' office tomorrow during lunch.. wait for him to leave, then hold the place up. There's a database key in his office that'll get you to information on her. Just make it look like you were searching around and got lucky.. then contact me and we'll take the next step. I want 100 kay."

The short man's mouth stretched in a sort of grimace, but only on the left side. The scar under his right eye was still. He looked over Shilo's shoulder, and there must have been confirmation. Shilo found himself falling, to land on his knees in the wet patch on the concrete. It was blood.

While Shilo knelt there bleeding, the police left.


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