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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Stupid people

Yesterday morning I read about the shooting at Virginia Tech. It's the deadliest mass shooting in US history, supposedly. I guess that doesn't include Antietam.

The shooter was a deranged English major named Cho Seung-Hui. Apparently, a while before the shootings, he wrote two short plays for a creative writing class. These plays were disturbing to students and the professor.

"When we read Cho's plays, it was like something out of a nightmare. The plays had really twisted, macabre violence that used weapons I wouldn't have even thought of." - Ian MacFarlane

Well, the plays are available via that link. I read them, and I must say, I don't see the problem. The first one was funny. The second one was boring. The violence was tame and there may have been one death, although it wasn't explicitly stated. There was nothing graphic. Most of the characters were normal people, with about the accuracy of characterization you'd expect from a hack TV writer.

And people were shocked and concerned by them? I have to say, I've never written anything too macabre, but I guess that my idle thoughts would make this English teacher puke all over herself.

"Cho, an English major, never wrote about guns or killing people,, she said. But his writing was disturbing enough.." - CNN

Well then what is the fricking problem? He wrote about a 13 year old cussing at his step dad. OMG, that's a warped and unrealistic situation. I'm sure that's never happened before.

Stupid people. I'm just going to blog about Anime and punk rock from now on.

[EDIT]: I just remembered some of my vampire role playing adventures, and they are way worse. Here are some highlights. Not for the squeamish, apparently.
*An alchemist who sells his soul to the devil for immortality, and becomes a vampire. This is immediately followed by entombment, so that he spends 500 years or so in a dark coffin, going insane.
*Escapes the coffin into bright sunlight, thus covering his body with 3rd degree burns.
*He subsequently exchanges his own pain for power on several occasions, by self mutilation.
*Teenage girl beaten to death in a bout of schizophrenia
*Still wracked by guilt from seeing a woman he loved burned to death by the English in 1429 or so
*Electrocution by Pong machine in bar
*Boy meets girl, boy enters drunken binge, boy meets another girl, original girl dumps boy
*Alchemist attempts to conduct experiment on hapless female by dosing her with date rape drugs (GHB) and performing black mass. Her friends kill him in retaliation and he must pass through the gates of hell, again, to be resurrected.
*Series of hedonistic one night stands
*Continues to murder random strangers to gain research material for vile experiments
*Successfully creates life, a once-extinct type of demon known as a yamiko, or 'Child of Darkness.' The yamiko has the form of an adorable, black-haired 5 year old girl with fangs.
*The yamiko's "mother" vanishes and the adorable, mute girl becomes the target of a powerful demon.


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