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Friday, April 20, 2007

More stupid people

Yesterday, CNN reported on politicians and others who felt that it was too soon, in the wake of this national tragedy, to politicize the event.

This morning, CNN started running gun control editorials. Well, I have nothing against their callousness or galling hypocrisy. I just thought I'd point them out before getting to the thrust of my comments.

The anti-gun guy,

"Some misguided people will focus on the fact that the 23-year-old student who killed his classmates and others at Virginia Tech was ethnically Korean. This is one of those observations that's 99.99 percent irrelevant. What are we to make of the fact that he is Korean? Ban Ki-moon is also Korean! Our brilliant new United Nations secretary general has not only never fired a gun, it looks like he may have just put together a peace formula for civil war-wracked Sudan -- a formula that escaped his predecessor." - Tom Plate

Bravo for Ban Ki-moon. Oh, wait:

"South Korea has mandatory military service of 24 to 27 months.[8] There are no alternatives for conscientious objectors[9] except imprisonment."
- Wikipedia

Something is not right here. Either Tom Plate is an idiot, or Ban Ki-moon is a draft dodger. Based on my stereotypes of anti-gun nuts and UN personnel, I'd say that it's possible both are true, but more probable that Tom Plate is the only one who doesn't know his butt from a whole in the ground.

Actually, South Korea was some sort of dictatorship in the 60s when Ban was young, and Ban left the country for a while. I'm not sure of the details, since the internet doesn't like to talk about it. Even so, I find it difficult to believe that the man has never fired a gun.


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