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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Political Design

It seems like picking your battles can be very effective. It's the basis of lean project management after all, and military victory. I wonder if one could make a model of politics and then use that model to achieve goals.

For example, there is a small minority of the country that favors freedom and prosperity. We haven't had much positive success the past few years, although they haven't been really bad either. It's just that no one wants to vote for tax cuts, less corrupt congressmen, freedom of speech et cetera. Why? Because they're all rioting over gay marriage, healthcare, and climate change.

Of course, I think homosexuality is immoral, but morality is irrelevant. I'd rather abolish the concept of civil marriage and let the priests and lawyers handle it. It would be better in every way- but think about that later. It's only an example.

The point is, I don't really care whether gays can feel good about themselves by subjecting themselves to state domination like het couples. I might vote on a proposition, but I rarely even take the time to blog about the issue. As a result, the issue is deadlocked and the things I care about, ie money, power, and Japanese schoolgirls, are neglected.

What if we anarchists, libertarians, paleoconservatives and Classical Liberals banded together and let gay marriage pass everywhere? Or introduce a carbon tax and equivalent corporate tax cut. Mm, it's probably not a good idea to let corporate taxes become the subject of open debate. I'm sure most people would rather go back to leading mules before they let Daimler-Chrysler turn a profit.

If we pushed through gay marriage, we would statistically capture around 40% of that bloc for our 'real' agenda. Well, maybe you actually care whether the guys down the street have a worthless piece of paper in their cabinet. If so, why? Outlawing gay marriage is NOT the most effective way to fight it. It's a whole cultural war that you have to win... nevermind.

Well, people only really want to do what they want to do, and they want other people to do the same. Very few people want freedom for its own sake. I don't even want it so much. It's just that it's a moral imperative and ethical constraint that I live by.

The political-space model would probly work.


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