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Friday, October 27, 2006


This guy isn't as endearing as the marine that raised his daughter in the woods

Tax Revolt

Well, I know that I can do little to help create a groundswell of support for this guy, but linking him is the least I can do.

As a Burkean conservative, I don't try to overthrow the government on a daily basis. I think we should work in small, incremental steps towards anarchy, and if it doesn't work out we'll just back off a bit and try something else. If someone proves the viability of anarchy one way or the other, so much the better.

So I'm not shooting at federal agents, which would be morally questionable, and I'll probably pay my taxes next time I owe some. But for practical purposes, I think that public support for tax protestors would be a good thing. True, most of them are not really anti-tax on sound ethical principle grounds. Many got in trouble with the IRS and are rationalizing their problems now, like that dude says in the article. Nonetheless they serve their purpose as icons. I have reason to believe Beale is more or less legitimate, anyway.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I was strolling along a few minutes ago when I saw a young woman with two heads and thought, "Huh, that girl has two heads." After a brief pause I thought, "Wait, that girl has two heads!??" Then I looked again and it turned out to be two girls walking together.

The interesting thing is that there was a brief time when I thought there was a two-headed girl walking by and I had no problem whatsoever with that fact.

Monday, October 09, 2006

"the priest is on a drunken rampage."

wow. More great quotes:

"There is a long history of alcohol abuse in Russia. Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev tried to tackle the problem 20 years ago by limiting the production and distribution of liquor. Male life expectancy increased three years."

Ok, there were no other great quotes. On the last page the L.A. Times implied that what Russian need is socialised healthcare. Because, you know, socialism worked out so well for them in the past. This is actually a great example, because the fallacy of socialism is more obvious. If you trained every capable person in Russia to be a doctor, there probably still wouldn't be enough doctors. Now, explain who is going to make the needles and electricity and pills. The State will buy them! From whom? [expletive deleted] communists. I'm referring to the LA Times. My friend the other day said "You'd be a 'get naked and punch the waitress for being a commie' drunk." Damn right. If I ever drink again I'll be sure to log on and post something more lucid than DailyKos could ever come up with. [expletive deleted] commie bastards.

Friday, October 06, 2006


This just in- the age of consent in D.C. is 16. LAWLZ0RZZ

I should sleep instead of rambling incoherently

First, a good article on the Foley scandal.

Although I'm sure the mass media won't hype this, word will get around. Now, let's talk about my favorite subject- me.

"Attraction to adolescents is not commonly regarded by psychologists as inherently pathological, only when it interferes with other relationships, becomes an obsession adversely affecting other areas of life, or causes distress to the subject." - Wikipedia, but I think they plagiarized it pretty thoroughly

Well, that's nice. I'm not pathological. However, I probably cause distress to others at times- should we come up with a new term for that, like exopathological?

It's nice that this came up because it seems like I may actually be a chronophiliac, ie, my psychosexual development is frozen at a different point than my chronological age. That's probably because I've devoted my life to engineering since adolescence, rather than forming relationships and eventually reaching the flower of manhood. Whatever. Somebody has to save this crummy civilisation.

Ayn Rand was a bit naive and idealistic, but she had the right idea. Society functions because people like me make it function. (Thankfully, the US has a high percentage of such people). When you invent a cheaper product, you only get half the reward- the consumer gets the other half of the benefit in the form of lower prices. The consumer has done nothing to earn this. It's not really "fair." In theory the discrepancy can be infintitely close to zero, which would give the originator all the benefits of his invention, but in reality the information costs and brand loyalty and so forth mean that there must be a noticeable price break for the consumer.

Alternately, increased functionality at the same price. Anyway, the important part is the crazy profits.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Untitled Post

"FDA lifts ban on most spinach"

Headline of the Week Award winner.

Normally I hyperlink, so let me confuse the NSA wiretappers a little: