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Monday, May 29, 2006

Border Crickets

Ya know, I'm not a conservative- I'm a radical right wing extremist. It's always been my dream to build a corporate empire and then use some of the proceeds to build a fortified compound stocked with guns, cash, and lawyers.

Somehow, I just can't bring myself to dislike illegal aliens. Sure, they drain our social welfare system, but since I oppose the social welfare system and all its adherents, I see the aliens as kindred spirits in that regard. Opportunists.

Sure, they lower wages, but I'm by no means protectionist. They increase overall economic growth, although they may have a short term negative benefit to American laborers. There are no illegal aliens lining up to get my job, and most of the people hurt by them are part of the apathetic masses that prevent border control from being conducted.

I've heard cries about the New World Order and the North American Union and whatnot. Well, ideally there would be no national governments, right? Anarchists and commies alike can agree on that point.

All that said, I would prefer to stop illegal immigration, increase some types of legal immigration, and increase the native birth rate.

What's the difference between racism and Darwinism? Darwinism is politically correct. So, I say that I want people with my DNA to fill the Earth and maybe the moon base in thirty years. We need to win the space race. We need to continue the brain drain. Many of the best and brightest from other countries come here to study in our universities. We need to keep them here. Otherwise, they'll go home and end up working on Chinese ICBMs and Indian Dotcoms.

We don't need to import more yard men. Forty dollars to mow the lawn??? I don't even know what "edging" is, but I'm pretty sure I can do it myself.

Friday, May 26, 2006


Is there a practical purpose to studying biblical prophesy? As a stoic, I believe that the pursuit of knowledge is a virtue for many reasons. Certainly it would be better to study prophecy than not to, but we have finite time; to execute my purpose, for example, I must spend my time studying lean principles and management techniques. The benefits from doing so, I think, are greater than the benefits to knowing about the End of Days.

Of course, making he decision to study one subject over another requires a vague knowledge of both and a cost/benefit analysis. What do we really gain from studying prophecy?

The phrase "playing God" occured to me; it wasn't in the sense of pretending to be God, which is a topic for another day, but in the sense of managing risk. Bobby Fischer, the itinerant chess legend, plays each game of chess as if he is playing against God, assuming that the opponent would make the best possible move. Kasparov, in contrast, tries to get into the mind of his opponent and take advantage of the opponent's strategy.

Playing God in daily life isn't efficient. It minimizes risk, but "nothing ventured, nothing gained." Some risk is acceptable, especially if the worst outcome is not catastrophic (like losing a game of chess would be).

Returning to the main point, it's possible that understanding biblical prophecy would give us an advantage in making decisions. Certainly if there were a specific date mentioned for the end of the world we could adjust our planning accordingly. That leads us to ask what sorts of things we can learn from prophecy.

Hm... Well, the antichrist will have a seven headed pet gila monster from Chernobyl (wormwood?), so maybe the antichrist is a Slav? Err...

Even if true, I fail to see the use of knowing that. Death can come at any time, and death by Tribulation is less likely than death by earthquake. Well, equally likely after it starts, but...

I don't see any benefit to studying prophecy, other than personal fulfillment. I assume the experts will let me know if they find something relevant.

Incidentally, I want to write a book one day entitled "Harnessing Your Ignorance." There is a computer science technique wherein object code is hidden by the programmer to make it easier for later coders to reuse the object and interface with it. Sure, it would be "better" to have access to the code, but from an ease-of-use/profitability standpoint.. It's really not better.

I think I just applied a Japanese industrial paradigm to a Jewish religion. Hm.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Hiatus Over Now

Back to the high-quality writing. Well... honestly, I think the Freedom of Information is brilliant, and should be incorporated into Western Civilisation 2.0. I still need to do some more research, since I'm a little shaky on post-19th century philosophy, but most of it is postmodernist claptrap anyway.

The basic requirements for Western Civilisation 2.0 (WC2) will be:

*Self perpetuating (Go forth, be fruitful and multiply. Smite your enemies, and convert them to WC2)

*Reverse compatible (must be acceptable to WC1 users)

*Interoperable (Must be able to coexist with other civilisations, at least until they're smitten and converted. Smited. Smote. Smoten.)

*Effective use of emergent behaviors (When the individual acts rationally, society benefits. This is a feature of capitalism. This is not a feature of communism. It's a good feature. It must avoid situations where the individual gains by acting against society. Like communism.)

*Rationality (Must be self-consistent and consistent with reality, or at least noncommittal enough to squeak by.

*Emotional appeal (Because most people do not choose a philosophy for rationality. They choose a philosophy that tells them to do what they already want to do. Evangelism will rest on economic pressure and changing the desires of the target population through propaganda.)

*Effective (The end result must be aligned with the goals of individuals, ie, food, sex, and loud music.)

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Hiatus might end Tomorrow

"Nasa told Click that it does not discuss computer security issues or legal matters. It denied it would ever manipulate images in order to deceive and said it had a policy of open and full disclosure, adding it had no direct evidence of extra-terrestrial life." - BBC News

No "direct" evidence??? Well it's comforting that NASA has "indirect" evidence of extraterrestrial visitors, isn't it.