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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Still on Hiatus

Crossposted from BAD's myspace blog comments... If I put a link it'll show my picture... but he'll probably want the traffic... but I don't get any traffic anyway, except for a few Scrapplers (Hi guys!) and a lot of Google searches.

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The purpose of prices is to cause people to distribute resources efficiently. High gas prices tell us we need to invest in alternative energy. That part's simple. Ok, but any government sponsored research skews the economic efficiency thing too far in favor of hybrid research. Yeah, 3$ a gallon pisses me off, but not enough to buy a hybrid. The extra technology costs 8000 bucks, and saves 15% over an identical small car, so I'd have to drive 56000 miles to make up the difference, assuming gas stays at 3.00. Which it won't.

But it helps the environment! well, not really, because the reason it costs 8000 bucks to make a hybrid is that it's harder to make than a standard car. The extra work means people driving around, more workers, more energy, more machines, all of which pollute.

When we run out of oil, everyone will start driving hydrogen cars instead of ICEs that pollute and turn our lungs black. So that's why George Bush doesn't care about black lungs.

Also, cheap gas makes us more dependent on middle eastern oil, because when gas prices fall, Canada and the US cut production, but OPEC doesn't.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Should I be worried

That it only took an hour to do my taxes and I got all 95 dollars back? And apparently something called an NOL can be backdated, so if I ever manage to submit a 2004 return properly I could get a refund.

So last year I submit the return, PAY 400 bucks, and then they reject my return and keep the 400. And they're like, ummm... we'll send you a form. Click.

Les batardes.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Intuition Wins Again

I had a hunch that Mitt Romney, the GOP Governor of Massachusetts and a potential 08 Presidential candidate, would suck majorly.

Now we have proof.

He is either a liar or incompetent. Normally "communist" is the third choice, but he denies that option in the article. Here is the most blatantly incompetent line:

Some of my libertarian friends balk at what looks like an individual mandate. But remember, someone has to pay for the health care that must, by law, be provided: Either the individual pays or the taxpayers pay. A free ride on government is not libertarian.

1) Or you can repeal the law requiring health care, which also solves the problem.
2) To a libertarian, government excess is the enemy; therefore, ruthlessly taking advantage of it for personal profit is almost a moral duty. A free ride on government, in this case, IS libertarian.
3) It doesn't "look like" and individual mandate. It "is" an individual mandate. I'm not sure why he's making a big deal about this, when Jaywalking is still illegal. Jaywalking doesn't hurt the car, does it?
4) We could also provide emergency care by repealing the prohibition on human organ dealing, so that emergency care could be exchanged for a lien on the patient's internal organs to be cashed upon death. This would save more lives than we do already, eliminate regulation, save money for individuals and government...
5) Or we could just charge people for emergency care without an organ lien and instead, tighten up the bankruptcy laws. Maybe bring back indentured servitude if need be.

6) Or we could privatise health care. Currently, research is spent on new products, not price reduction, because prices are subsidised and therefore are not a selling point. If health care had to compete on price funds would shift from other economic sectors to take advantage of the inefficiencies.

Well, despite the fact I'm a rabid extremist koook and shouldn't be taken seriously, neither should Romney.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Adventures of ManiaC Provost - Generation Why (Not)

While taking advantage of my manic phase to organise everything I own, I came across this chat log from a few weeks ago that I meant to post. Just for the heck of it, I'll post the entire thing rather than a selected portion. Skip to the part about Freedom of Information if you so desire.

BAD: so i have an idea
BAD: that i think will make me rich
BAD: but the ethical ramifications are staggering
ManiaC: sell abortion on demand, and use the government to promote underage sex in school?
ManiaC: that's genius
BAD: no
BAD: but almost that good
BAD: Babyform
ManiaC: ?
BAD: chloroform for babys
BAD: kid wont stop crying?
BAD: knock the little bastard out
BAD: need a parenting break
BAD: put a rag under his nose
BAD: time out? Time really the fuck out
ManiaC: haha
BAD: find me a parent
BAD: that hasnt wanted to shut their kid up
ManiaC: Did Helen Keller have kids?
BAD: no
ManiaC: you win
BAD: valid try tho
BAD: i just need test babies
BAD: and funding
BAD: i think it would make us millionaires several times over
ManiaC: that's the phrase of the day
ManiaC: "I just need test babies"
BAD: lol
BAD: im just trying to make your blog
BAD: give you something so fucked up, you feel compelled to write about it
ManiaC: 75% vick's vapo rub, 25% sedative
BAD: i was just going to water down actual chloroform
BAD: so they get the coppery taste in their mouths when they wake up
ManiaC: if it tasted like cherry I think it would be win-win
BAD: nice
BAD: or grape
BAD: kids love that dimeatapp
ManiaC: momma was a hacker, daddy was a cracker, yall know to reload the system log
ManiaC: anyway I'm inventing a new natural right
BAD: ?
ManiaC: if I can get it into a book I'll be mentioned in the same sentence as Locke and Mill
ManiaC: except my name isn't John
BAD: whats your theory
ManiaC: freedom of information
ManiaC: it's the opposite of the right to privacy
BAD: im listening
BAD: we as americans are born with the right to know everything
ManiaC: the difference is, I can prove it on the same basis they used to come up with life, liberty, and property
ManiaC: and it's a lot easier to enforce than the right to privacy
BAD: prove it?
ManiaC: well, it requires no enforcement whatsoever
BAD: it destroys the concept of classified information
BAD: which would expose that the president is a figurehead
ManiaC: it just says you have the right to know whatever you want as long as you don't violate any of the other rights in the process of obtaining it
ManiaC: which is the same constraint as all the other negative rights
BAD: i dont follow
BAD: so it accomplishes nothign
ManiaC: well, you're allowed to know classified information as long as you don't say, break into the pentagon
ManiaC: but it allows data mining
BAD: there wouldnt BE any classified information
ManiaC: also it allows the governemnt to set up across the street from your house and use infrared to scan fdor heat lamps
BAD: because the right to information would mean they couldnt classify stuff
ManiaC: well, it would be basically trade secret protection
BAD: fair enough
ManiaC: it would be classified for them- if you're a cia agent, they can tell you not to share the information. and if you do, you violate your contract, break the CIA's right to property, and they can kill you
BAD: true
ManiaC: but If I stand across the street and look in their window, then that sucks for them
BAD: with binoculars?
ManiaC: yeah
ManiaC: because they're emitting photons onto public property
ManiaC: that's the same as yelling it across the street
BAD: by your warped logic, yes
ManiaC: on the other hand, bouncing microwaves through their walls and scanning stuff might be breaking their property right
BAD: what about the pursuit of happiness right?
BAD: it makes me happy to spy
BAD: ergo, i can
ManiaC: haha
ManiaC: it makes me happy to run over George Soros with a Yugo, but that doesn't make it right
BAD: but your allowed to PURSUE IT
BAD: which means you have to hit the brakes juuuuust before
ManiaC: brakes? on a yugo?
BAD: handbrake
ManiaC: ah
ManiaC: I think this will make it onto my blog, in that I'm doing a series on the Freedom of Information
ManiaC: part 1 is in the works right now
BAD: babyform man....thats all i can say
BAD: freedom to knock out children
ManiaC: i think most parents try not to kill their children
ManiaC: hmm
BAD: andrea yates disagrees
ManiaC: touche
ManiaC: although I'm a supporter of shock collars
ManiaC: how about a headband that can shock, or use powerful magnets to induce lethargy?
BAD: tempting....or a whistle...you know, like they have a frequency for dogs
BAD: kids must have one
ManiaC: hm
ManiaC: well, most adults have hearing damage in the higher ranges
BAD: as do most teenagers
ManiaC: some people can hear electronics because the electromagnetic waves interfere with your brain
ManiaC: that's what that FCC warning on the side of the computer means
BAD: interesting
BAD: i never knew that
ManiaC: I can hear a monitor in power saving mode from like 20 feet away through a wall
ManiaC: so could my dad
ManiaC: it drove us nuts until we figured it out
ManiaC: probably a lot of people can hear it, but don't notice
BAD: i dont know what that sounds like
ManiaC: it's like a buzzing noise
BAD: wow
ManiaC: if you turn off your computer and leave the monitor on so there's only an LED, you can hear it I think
ManiaC: you can hear something
BAD: i use a laptop
ManiaC: ah
ManiaC: well, I posted Part One of FOI
ManiaC: this may be one of my better written posts
ManiaC: I kinda slacked off from May to January
BAD: yeah you did
ManiaC: hey, just suppose there were a God and he ahd some divine purpose
BAD: im not stupid
ManiaC: hahaha
ManiaC: I've always felt it was my duty to get a whole lot of money and power for some reason
ManiaC: and now a plan occurs to me
BAD: does it involve chloroform?
BAD: or my help?
ManiaC: yeah, sure
ManiaC: if I had a large and wealthy corporation 30 years from now, and the US Government was about to collapse due to its own ineptitude and the fact that democracy doesn't work
ManiaC: then the logical thing to do would be to plan with other corporations to take control after the fall
BAD: corporations never agree
ManiaC: they used to before the Sherman act of 1890
ManiaC: and I think it would be pretty much voided by the collapse of the government
ManiaC: if profits depend on it, a cartel can run the country
BAD: where is there a cartel
ManiaC: I'll make a cartel
ManiaC: we'll officially be an industry lobbying group
BAD: we?
ManiaC: me and the rest of the conglomerates
ManiaC: the utilities and security companies, mostly
ManiaC: it's a great plan. We can have an anarcho-capitalist society and do all the price gouging we want without paying taxes


If anyone's interested, I wrote an introduction to the art of computer hacking a couple of years ago. I meant to flesh it out, but my interest in computer science has dwindled.

Anyway, it's for the beginner, so I'd like to hear any feedback.

Right click and save as. View with Wordwrap* on.

*The file is a text file, which means it will open in Notepad on Windows. To read it properly, go to Format and make sure Wordwrap is checked.

Posting will be infrequent.

It is the busy season now.

A thousand petals of the cherry blossom obscure the sky, as the gardener struggles to keep them from touching the ground. The wind laughs, the sun smiles at the vanity of man. The earth waits, for the petals and the man will turn to dust.

I will leave you with the following music recommendations:
Go Betty Go - "C'mon", "It's Too Bad" - think Runaways or Joan Jett & Blackhearts
Something Corporate
NoFX - "Franco Unamerican", "Electricity"
Social Distortion - "Don't Drag Me Down", "Dear Lover", "Story of My Life"
Oasis - "Chanpagne Supernova"
Outlaws - "Green Grass and High Tides Forever"
To a lesser extent, Ween - "The Shot Heard Round the World"

There will definitely be no more podcasts until the end of May. Then I'll be gone for most of June, touring the roller coasters of the midwest. Then I may get around to the new manifesto for the advance of civilisation.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Wasted BTUs

"I saw on the ground a sort of walking away from 10 years’ worth of planning. You know, ever since the end of the first Gulf War, there’s been planning by serious officers and planners and others, and policies put in place - 10 years' worth of planning were thrown away. Troop levels dismissed out of hand. Gen. Shinseki basically insulted for speaking the truth and giving an honest opinion." - General Zinni (Retired), via Idiot Lefties, via Andrew Sullivan

Actually, they've convinced me that Rumsfeld should resign and Bush did a bad job. That's why I call them "idiots" and other things that I choose not to type here.

See, for 3 years, we've been dealing with BUSH LIED!!!! Well, to you, but I'm not a gullible moron and I didn't believe the spin. PEOPLES DIED!!!! Yeah, it's a war. NO WAR FOR OIL!!!! We need oil. NOT ENOUGH TROOPS!!!! You're a brainwashed sheep spewing the talking points of your commie puppet masters, who know nothing about the invasion or our military capabilities.

But after a long and irritating three years of ignorance-inspired leftist drivel, someone has actually reported a fact. According to this General Zinni character, we didn't follow the Pentagon's plans. You know how we have carefully prepared plans for every contingency? We didn't follow the one for invading Iraq. That convinces me that Rumsfeld is a bad Secretary of Defense.

If it's true. It sounds true. Bear in mind that all these other military leaders have criticised the war- well, they're entitled to their opinions, but there must obviously be a greater number of military leaders who are actually conducting the war and therefore approve of its conduct.

If any of the anti-war crowd had an IQ above room temperature, maybe they could've dredged this tidbit up earlier and I would've voted for Badnarik instead of Bush. Then Kerry would've won, our soldiers would be home, and world peace would reign forever.

The point is that the complete and utterly mindless banality of the Left has prevented them from applying rational thought for at least a decade, and so the one, simple argument that persuades a hard-core Burkean realist like me wasn't used.

They're completely incapable of attempting to understand any side but their own, or they would have brought this up long ago.

Know thyself, know thy enemy, and you hold the key to victory.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Peak Oil

I have a friend who is monotonously trying to determine when "Peak Oil," the maximum output of oil, will occur. That date will mark the beginning of the decline of production unto its inevitable end. Of course there are a million factors to consider, and then.. Personally, I think we will continue increasing production until the last source runs dry. If someone succeeds, they will of course argue with other scientists until time proves the prediction right. Meanwhile, I'll be buying oil by the warehouse and shorting Exxon. Anyway, this might throw a wrench into his calculations:

We haven't even looked in Antarctica yet. It's a fair-sized continent, and it used to be home to.. Um, vertebrates, at least, when it was up there by India. Plus there's all the offshore deposits from dead penguins (and their food chain), I would think. Hey, with "global warming," in 3000 years it might be warm enough to build condos there too.