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Monday, November 06, 2006

Dystopia of the Day - BattleSpace

Ok, I'm just brainstorming some product design ideas here. The secret is to start with the user interface and then work backwards, after a preliminary tech assessment.

The interface will be called BattleSpace. It will provide information to warfighters. Detailed information- relevant information.

For example, soldiers will have Heads Up Displays that show the suspected locations of the enemy. The key here is that every sensor will feed information to BattleSpace, so one soldier might see an enemy. Software will recognize the human form and input it into the Battlespace model of the area. Other soldiers will then see an outline of the enemy, even on the other side of walls. BattleSpace- let's call it BS for short - will rely on next generation sensors, like microphones that can determine the origin of gunfire using triangulation. Cameras mounted in the HUD will recognize weapons and project the paths of bullets. Soldiers will be constantly surrounded by BS and constanly aware of the situation. Possible IEDs can be flagged, and they will be visible to anyone who approaches (and is aware of this BS).

Commanders will have a constant stream of data about the positions of their own soldiers and the enemy. They will use BS even more than the ground troops, because they will be able to more accurately direct movement. Intelligence units will love BS because they can use it to find patterns in enemy behavior.

Although it can start as a limited test project, BS will soon be everywhere in the armed forces. It can even be used for maintenance and other non-combat tasks in CONUS. Sure, some soldiers won't like the BS, but they'll get used to it.

Imagine being able to dodge bullets, see through walls, and zoom in to see terrain miles away. Imagine being able to aim and fire with speed and accuracy from the hip because your HUD displays a digital bullet path from your weapon! Now THAT'S BS!!!

Anyway, I think the Army is going in this direction with Future Combat Systems. Hmm.. on close inspection, it has BS written all over it.


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